November 10, 2013

Breakfast at Gathering Bistro


After a year since it opened, The Gathering Bistro finally intorduced breakfast to the table..
If you can recall my previous post here, Link
The breakfast took a kickstart with a cup of foamy cappucino or shud I call it a brunch since we got there at 11 am !

The first dish was the donut eggs, two sugar glazed donuts topped with sunny side up eggs and bits of bacon in between. It also came with roasted baby potatoes on the side..
It was an interesting combination, I love the mix of salty and sweet in my food..

However, I think subtituting the bacon with a slice of smoked turkey might gave it a better kick but I'd definetly suggest trying it if you fancy something new..

The breakfast flower, sliced potatoes and two baked eggs ..
In theory this dish is pretty goot but it was slightly overcooked or perhaps cuz I prefer my eggs runny that might have tasted better..

Baked eggs with bacon bits and mash potatoes, this dish was superb and really hearty would be perfect for the upcoming cold days along with a steaming cup of coffee..

That takes us to the happy ending of the meal, Kinder Pancakes
Insanely thick and fluffy, smothered with a generous amount of Kinder chocolate would succumb any chocolate cravings anyone would have..


Crispy Waffles
Not your traditional kind of waffles, it had this biscuit-y texture to it..
Drizzled with chocolate syrup on one side and a strawberry sauce on the other side..
And to top it off with a scoop of vanilla icecream

The grand finale which is my favourite among the sweet dishes, is the Cream Cheese and Honey pancakes <3
I simply didn't want it to end, the mixture of the salty cheese and the sweeteness of honey was out of this world, my mouth is watering at the thought of it..
Now serving breakfast
8 am to 12 pm



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