Saturday, July 4, 2015

Three Things

Nescafe Arabia collaboration with Fyunka

July seems a bit fast paced for my liking, there's barely enough time to sleep ~!
Anyways since it's Ramadan and those super adorable coffee cups by Nescafe Arabia in collaboration with Fyunka by Alaa Balkhy 

Frank Body Coffee Scrub in coconut & chocolate

Coffee scrubs seems to be all the rave at the moment, when I first tried the Original formula didn't expect to love it that much ! But turned out great nonetheless, it's quite addictive and works for my face as well..

MaxMara early Eid Shopping
Another excuse to shop would be the upcoming Eid, fell in love with this floral skirt at MaxMara .
Styling it would be a bit challenging but I can be such a sucker for cute things
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Outfit of the Day : We Are SoKu


Fendi Micro Peekaboo

A quick OOTD post, this time I went for plain and clean colours without patterns and my vocal point  in this outfit was the handbag and Fendi Monster..

بوست سريع ، لبقت كل شي سادة و خليت الجنطة اهيا الشي الاساسي باللبس وعشان اكسر اللون شوي
اغلب القطع لابستها من قبل بس لبقتها بطريقة ثانية

Outfit Details:

Cape : Cameo (Last seen, Here )
Top : Urban Outfitters (Similar, Here)
Pants: COS ( Available online )
Shoes : Alexander Wang ( Old, check here )
Handbag & Bag Bug : Fendi

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Friday, July 3, 2015

Dine In : Bao

Pomelo Salad
Bao, an Asian steamed bun with a variety of fillings to choose from.
 Recently I'm only game for a meal,  if the place some where secluded away from busy shopping malls. Bao happens to be a great concept, good location and tasty food.
For a start we went for Pomelo Salad and Tenderloin steak salad the salads were quite refreshing, I preferred the pomelo since it was quite refreshing and light
Tenderloin Steak Salad
The steak salad was my friends choice, the meat was full of flavour and quite tender the addition of the sweet potato sticks on top was perfect

We decided to go for 3 different kind of Bao's to share , braised short rib, coconut shrimps and breaded mushrooms . All of them turned out to be excellent , full of flavour and tasty the coconut would be my favourite among them all..

 The happy ending of our meal was the Donut Bao, fried donut with home made vanilla ice cream & pretzels, drizzled with salted caramel..
Just the perfect ending to a lovely meal followed with a shot of coffee !

 Kuwait City, Nearby Sharq Police Station Roundabout

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My Stay : Taxim Hill Istanbul

My last trip to Istanbul was somewhat unplanned, since a sudden death in the family changed a lot of plans but last minute we decided to amend our plans in order to make time for travelling.
Taxim Hill, wasn't our first choice but since we didn't have so much time my sister made it happen with whatever she could find..
The hotel is situated right next to Taksim Square, which makes it in the heart of the city of you fancy the buzz, once you enter you'd notice a very dark reception but the staff is quite helpful and accommodating.
It took us around 25 minutes before we managed to check in, the rooms are clean but not up to my standards if only they'd invest a bit more in that area..

The rooms are spacious, I got the double room for myself..
Free Wi-Fi was included in the rate, strong and fast signal to connect my laptop.
Haven't tried other facilities at the hotel since we usually took off by 10 am and we won't be back until it's well after midnight .
The hotel is also situated right next to Starbucks & the infamous Hafiz Mustafa  to stock up on Turkish sweets
Off the record, I found it hilarious that the hotel receptionist does everything from carrying the luggage, he would ring right up if  anything gone wrong at the room and then you'd spot him serving sweets at the store next door !
Taxim Hill
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What's In My Backpack : MCM Bebe Boo

My MCM Bebe Boo during my trip to Istanbul

During my last trip NYC, I couldn't resist not getting myself one of MCM's most coveted backpack's " Bebe Boo ". Which I posted about earlier, Here
بآخر سفرة رحت فيها نيويورك ماقاومت ما اشتري جنطة الظهر من " ام سي ام" كتب عنها بوست قبل هالمرة تلاقونه هني
It's a great bag for travelling, fits the essentials and has two straps which makes it wearable as a backpack or a cross bag for hands free shopping !
My first choice was the yellow one but they didn't have it at the time, so I opted for the tan brown as a more practical option..
الجنطة وايد مفيدة وعملية حق السفر ، ايد الجنطة الطويلة تنشال عشان تنلبس عالظهر او كروس كنت حاطة في بالي ابي اللون الاصفر بس ماكان متوفر وقتها فاخذت اللون البيج عملي ويلوق مع كل شي

What's in my backpack
So I thought about sharing what's inside my backpack since I get endless questions if it fits anything, and the answer is yes ! Let me show you what I've got inside :
وايد ينطرح علي سؤال اذا الجنطة بالنسبة حق حجمها تكفي شي؟ الجواب تلاقونه بالصورة وفيه تفاصيل الاغراض اللي اشيلها وياي بالجنطة

1. Charlotte Olympia Card Holder (Link)
2. Nars Pure Matte Lipstick , Tonkin (Link)
3. Fashion Fair Cream to Powder Foundation, Honey ( Link )
4. Laura Mercier Creme Brulee Body Butter ( Link )
5. Dettol Original Skin Wipes
6. Samsung Galaxy S4
7. I-phone 6
8.  Paul & Joe Sister Keychain + Car Key
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