Saturday, August 29, 2015

Borrowed from the Boys : Kiehls

Kiehl's Heavy Lifting Eye Cream
 So since we are on the subject of boyfriend jeans, and boyfriend blazers we seem to have moved on to testing out men's products as well..
It was a small tip I got from my friend who said she shares facial washes and pore strips with her husband, quoting her that she finds them a lot more effective..
Got Kieh's Facial Fuel from NYC, I was in a dire need of an eye cream and this was amazing ! Since I've gone makeup free on most of the days of my trip this was such a life saver and I kept on using it morning and night.. I've tried using it once under my makeup that didn't work out since it's a bit thick for a consealer to slide on top of it ! But other than that it's perfect ~ !
بالفترة الأخيرة موضة البويفرند جينز وايد دارجة و قبلها البويفرند جاكيت ، طبيعي انه ننتقل لي مرحلة تجربة منتجات العناية بالبشرة الرجالية خصوصا اني لاحظت انه بشرتهم حساسة اكثر
اللي ياب هالطاري انه رفيجتي قاعد تسولف انها وريلها يستخدمون نفس السنفرة حق الويه و اللزقات اللي تنظف مسام الخشم من الكورنر الرجالي ولاحظت انه مفعولها وتأثيرها اقوى واحسن على بشرتها 
لما رحت نيويورك ومريت كييلز كانت المنطقة اللي تحت عيني منتفخة والسواد في حالة مستعصية فاخذت كريم العين من الرف المخصص للرياييل ،  وكنت بهالفترة مستغنية عن المكياج فخلال يومين لاحظت فرق وايد حلو بمنطقة تحت العين ظليت استخدمه بشكل يومي مرة الصبح ومرة بليل. بس لاحظت لما جربت احط مكياج الكونسيلر مايثبت فوقه لانه شوي ثقيل 
Kiehl's Oil Eliminator
 Now this scrub is perfect for my combination skin, since I don't have a boyfriend my brother tried to steal it few times ! My t-zone is oily while the rest of my skin is normal ,but keeping this annoying area from going shiny is a bit tricky so this exfoliator came to the rescue. I only use it every other day after working out keeps the shine at bay..
هذي السنفرة عجيبة حق بشرتي المختلطة ، تنظف المسام عدل وماتنشف البشرة استعملها مرة كل يوم وترك بعد الرياضة . خصوصا انه منطقة التي زون شوي مزعجة و وايد تلمع

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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Three Things

Tastiest Cronuts by a local talent
This week been a bit slow, felt like I'm in a sort of a rut as it been work, sleep, and nothing else in between..
هالاسبوع كان شوي ثقيل وبطيء ، والروتين نوعا ما قاتل حسيت كل اللي كنت اسويه اني انام واداوم وانتهى اليوم على جذي.
ان شاالله الاسبوع الياي يكون احسن واخف من اللي قبله

The Perfect Primer for combination skin

A thoughful belated birthday gift
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Food for Thought : The Architect's Apprentice

The Architect's Apprentice
By Elif Shafak
"Sometimes, for the soul to thrive, the heart needs to be broken"
Page- 97
Until now I thought that 40 Rules of Love by Elif Shafak was my favourite among her books, but after this book I definitely changed my mind. This book is beautifully written, full of wit and rich with content. The mahout, the elephant and chief royal architect not to forget the gypsies. If this book was a painting I would say it's full with vivid and vibrant colours. I'm always fascinated with other cultures, Turks and Ottomans are no exception . So if you fancy a heavy read and I don't deny it was a big book that I didn't want to finish..
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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Outfit of the Day : Blushing Pink


Experimenting with a blush palette this time, I know I got these mules since forever but found them super hard to style with Hijab looks so the overall look is muted tones but opted for a darker bag to give it a pop of colour ..
This handmade necklace is everything, can't recall when did I actually buy it. Probably few years back but still got this sweet charm that turns any outfit to extraordinary..
قلت هالمرة دام الجو صيف، اخلي اللبس كله الوان فاتحة بس اغمج اللبس بجنطة شوي لونها فاقع عشان تعطي اللبس شوية حركة
من خذيت هالجوتي مالبسته الا مرة محتارة مادري شلبسه معاه شوي حسيته صعب ينلبس مع ملابس متحجبات

العقد اللي لابسته اخذته من معرض قبل جم سنة بس للحين يحلي اللبس ويزهيه
وايد سألوني عن  البلوزة اهيا قصيرة من جدام وطويلة من ورا ، اخذتها من براند استرالية اسمها كاميو
تقدرون تطلبونها من هني  و هني 

Outfit Details :
Top : C/Meo Collective ( Available here & here )
Pants : COS
Mules : No.21 ( Last seen, Here )
Necklace : Prink Me
Handbag : Chanel
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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

New In : Fendi Men

Fendi Monster Wallets
Managed to visit Fendi Boutique in Prestige, The Avenues this weekend. Their men collection was too quirky to be missed, couldn't resist not getting a piece for myself as well..
If only the men shoes came to size 37, would have snatched it in a heart beat !
Anyways, the keychain would do for this time..
هالويكند مريت بوتيك فندي في الافنيوز ، الكولكشن الرجالي اللي توه وصل يحير  لو بس كانت الجواتي تيي بمقاسات صغيرة بس حسافة اصغر شي مقاس 41  . الميدالية اللي على جنطة الظهر وايد تشوق تتعلق فوق الجنطة خوش اكسسوار

Fendi Monster Sneakers

Fendi Micro Backpack
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