Sunday, July 26, 2015

What's In My Handbag : Fendi Micro Peekaboo

So finally my search for a mini yellow bag came to an end, I had to get the Micro Peekaboo from Fendi in yellow. I felt like I got the world the minute it arrived in store last February, so I'm trying to answer the never ending queries if it fits anything ?
كنت احس انه كولكشن الجناط اللي عندي ناقصه جنطة لونها اصفر، عقب حوسة قلت لازم اخذ المايكرو بيكابوو خصوصا كانت توها نازلة بالسوق . وايد يسألوني اذا الجنطة تكفي شي ولا أنا بس البسها اكسسوار ؟ ما انكر ترى غالبية الوقت استغني عن  الاكسسوارات عشان البسها لانها ملفتة و تحلي اللبس ، حطيت الأشياء اللي انا بالعادة اشيلها داخل الجنطة 

1. Car Key
2. Nars Lipstick
3. Miu Miu Card Holder
4. Kiehls hand salve
5. Apple I-phone 6
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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Three Things

Teavana Ice Tea
This week is somewhat short and weird, can't wait for a normal week to start. As we only went to work for 3 days, feels a bit messy but Tuesday felt a like a Sunday
Anyways, a refreshing treat would be Teavana Ice Tea, they brew it on spot and I've asked them to cut down the sugar into half.

Jimmy Choo Python Pumps


Been on the search for perfect grey pumps, my current neutral colour is grey so those are perfect in heel height and colour.

Charlotte the Crab Tray spotted at West Elm

The cutest tray, if I had a beach house then I would get the entire collection , Here !
Would add a fun & quirky touch to any dining table also quite adorable to compliment any picture
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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Outfit of the Day : Eid

For some reason, I always find myself falling sick whenever I take time off 
So this Eid holiday got me down with a nasty fever as well. Any one suffering from leisure sickness as well?
Any ways, my Eid outfit was something else entirely but due to unforeseen reasons, couldn't wear the outfit I was planning to wear originally ..

مادري شنو السر بس وقت الاجازة الاقي نفسي استمرض ، اول يوم اجازة حاشتني صخونة ماطلعت الا ثالث يوم عيد . المهم أنا كنت بلبس شي ثاني نهائيا بس ماضبط حزتها اشوه عندي خطة ثانية ولبست شي ثاني لما طلعت مع رفيجتي اتريق

Decided to keep it all clean and simple, those wide fit denim culottes are the best but to steer it a bit from being boring, I've added my colourful book clutch and blue python pumps ~ !

قلت اخلي اللبس كله سادة وعشان مايصير ممل كسرته بجنطة ملونة و جوتي سنيك عشان يكسر من حده الالوان السادة ، حبيت  الجينز الابيض من كوس وسيع ومريح  يمكن شوي قصير بس على طولي طالع زين 

Outfit Details :

Jacket, Shirt & Jeans ;
COS ( Here, Here & Here )
Shoes: Stuart Weitzman ( Old. but similar Here )
Clutch : Olympia Le Tan 

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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Look Book : Dina Khalifé Fall / Winter

In The Market Collection  by Dina Khalifé

The inspiration behind Dina Khalifé latest Fall/ Winter collection is the food markets in Spain .Quirky prints with crowds, food and bold colors.

So loving the vibrant prints and those handmade necklaces now available to shop online. The blue/violet printed top with matching culottes is my absolute favourite.

I've also featured some of the accessories I've bought previously from Dina in a previous post, take a look  ( Here ) !

Shop The Collection
Here )

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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

New In: Monica Vinader Alphabet Collection

1.Alphabet 'A' Pendant, Shop Here 2. Alphabet 'B' Pendant, Shop Here
3. Alphabet 'C' Pendant, Shop Here

Alphabet Pendant Collection by Monica Vinader, inspired by her obsession with typography . Each individual letter is unique & comes in yellow, rose gold &  sterling silver.
This collection is adorable & full of character, I can imagine it would look quite nice if 2 to 3 pendants were stacked together at different lengths to create a unique design & would totally compliment any simple outfit 
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