Tuesday, July 29, 2014

New Purchase : Miu Miu Cat Eyes


When it comes in sunglasses I usually buy them without a second thought but the last few times I've received really nice ones as gift so shifted my shopping towards something else but it's been almost a year since I last got a pair so that's a good excuse to buy new sunnies no ?
Anyways I've had few idea's of what I want that I musn't buy anything with black frames something in shades of brown or tortoiseshell for a change and I'm slightly shifting away from bug size sunnies which usually covers half of my face * for convenient reasons *

I had a quick catchup for coffee this weekend so I passed by Miu Miu before leaving and you know these kinda outings where you are wearing not so comfortable shoes so you enter whatever shop on the way pretending to look around when you are trying to figure out where's the nearest chair ?
Yup, that's what happened so after having a seat for good 10 mins couldn't help not noticing Miu Miu new collection of sunglasses by the cash desk ..

And Voila !
Perfect match of what I had in mind, it's perfect cut cateye frame and perfect tortoiseshell just like I had in mind. And it looks nice with my Hijab on so it doesn't stick out awkwardly on the sides which is a plus point

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Outfit of The Day : Ramadan Tales

Kept accessories to a minimum and completed the look with a Chanel patent leather clutch in black..
I usually keep the Caftan shopping to a last minute but lucky for me that wasn't the case this year, even though I admit it was a bit hard to find something that's long and long sleeved to be Hijab friendly..

Outfit Details:
Caftan : NooNo Pink
Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti ( Not Shown)
Rings: Topshop 

Friday, July 18, 2014

Weekly Sugar OD : Marble Cheesecake


Ordering sweets feels like a daily thing now not something to do on a weekly basis, my skinny jeans aren't too happy I'm telling you !
Anyways, Dunno if I mentioned this before but I have a thing for cheesecake especially if it's done right. It's a safe choice I admit but hardly ever I would actually find something rather tasty and fulfilling to hit the spot..
Chocolate is one of my weaknesses so a white chocolate cheesecake with raspberry marble is not something you'd say no to..

Nabalees, happens to be a local business specialized in cheesecakes of all sorts and kinds so I went for the bestselling one according to the very sweet owner. and I wasn't disappointed for one bit..

It's a very simple cheesecake but done with absolute love, a mix of raspberry & white chocolate that tastes divine accompanied by an unsweetened cup of Turkish Coffee just makes it a perfect happy ending..


Monday, July 14, 2014

Let's Pack a Backpack

 1. Marni , Red Leather Backpack Buy It  2. Stella McCartney, Falabella backpack Buy It 3. Liberty London , Purple Kingly Backpack Buy It ,  3. Alexander Wang, Black Leather Dumbo Backpack with Rose Gold Studs Buy It  

I'm going gaga over backpacks lately, and Liberty is certainly making this temptation a bit hard to resist. Since I lug around a lot of junk that sure requires some space so I guess a fashionable backpack is a nice change no ?  My absolute favourite would be Alexander Wang  with rose gold studs in the bottom but what worries me would be that it can be certainly pretty heavy to carry around so might wait until they release more colours to choose from .. Would you dare to wear a backpack for a change ?

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

I Say Micaroon , You Say Macaron

1.Bronze Highlighter, Blush 2.Lipstick in  HMU (Coral / Red) 3. Eyeshadow in Cleo ( Copper/ Matte)
4.Lipgloss in COO (Shimmery Pink) 5.Lipstick in Dania ( Pink)

I got a gorgeous package from Micaroon, a cosmetics brand based in UAE. Quite a pleasant surprise which I've manage to test out with my trusted make up savvy friend Nora 
The package included, lipsticks, eyeshadow, blush , a mascara & two brushes..
As you may notice it's generally inspired by the yummy French Macarons in packaging which looks quite good enough to eat . The selection of colours is a wonderful addition to your make up bag.

Micaroon Mascara
In black with a metallic purple finish, dry formula and required two coats to achieve the final result 

Micaroon Lipstick; Dania
Pink in colour and very hydrating, tasted yummy just like bubble gum and not sticky at all..
The package came with those tiny brushes for an easier application on the lip, you can pull them apart gently and secure it on the other side to keep the interior of your make up bag nice and clean. Looks like a small metal pen when closed.

Micaroon Eyeshadow ; Shooting Star
Subtle shimmer, very creamy and smooth on the eyelids perfect to
 highlight the tear duct and the brow bone.

The Final Look
 Using the eyeshadows, bronzer  which Nora found very sheer within application and can be blended using fingers to make sure it blends. And the Lipstick  which she loved the most 

Full Look 

To find out more about Micaroon, Click Here 

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