May 16, 2017

Three Things

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A weekend breakfast with my friend, I always preferred to sleep in during weekend and Friday for me is the day that I sleep until late afternoon. But giving up sleep for a delicious breakfast was worth it for sure.
بالعادة يوم اليمعة أفضل أني انام لي وقت متاخر وأعوض عن تعب الأسبوع كله، هالويكند رحت تريقت مع رفيجتي والصراحة كان تغيير حلو و ممتع وماحسيت بالوقت كلش

Denim Flares by Zara
Stepping out of my comfort zone, flared jeans was never something I was planning to wear but I'm glad I gave them a try . Super fun and a refreshing change than my straight cut jeans.
تغيير عن ستايلي المعتاد بالجينزات، بالعادة احب القصة الستريت  وما أغير عنها
Pins by Sonia Rykiel
 Cute little pins which I've picked out during my last trip, but I only remembered them last week. They turned a simple piece into something rather interesting.

هالبروشات اخذتهم من زمان وقت السفر ، بس توني اتذكرهم الاسبوع اللي فات . حلوين كاضافه بسيط عاللبس لما يكون سادة


May 08, 2017

Currently Lovin' : Malone Souliers

بالفترة الاخيرة لاحظت انه ماركة " مالون سوليرز " للجواتي وايد منتشرة ومجرد ماتنزل بسرعة تخلص من كل مكان في الكويت ...

May 05, 2017

Outfit of the Day : Leather Roses

Outfit posts lately is being quite a funny affair, the weather is quite un-predictable and as I like to shoot dur...

April 26, 2017

Dine In : Breakfast at Table Otto

Breakfast at Table Otto   Breakfast is served at Table Otto in Al-Shaheed Park every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 8 AM...

April 23, 2017

My Stay - Dubai : W Hotel Al Habtoor City

Last week I was on a quick trip to attend Benefit Brow Master Class  in Dubai with Maya Ahmad . My stay was at W Hotel ...


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