Thursday, September 18, 2014

Hello Bangkok


So if you are following me on Instagram, I'm sure you are already aware that I'm in Bangkok ; Thailand since last Thursday.. Can't believe it's been a week already and I haven't managed to post yet but the city is full of activities that I'm dead tired by the end of each day..
اذا متابعيني بانستغرام اكيد تدرون انه صارلي اسبوع في بانكوك ، تايلاند
الايام تركض مادري شلون مر الاسبوع والحين سنحتلي الفرصة اكتب بوست سريع ، خصوصا انه الجدول جدا مزحوم وبنهاية اليوم اكون وايد تعبانة
With all honesty I've been pretty skeptic about this city, since we didn't plan anything it just happened but so far I'm quite impressed.. It's so clean and pretty fashion forward which is quite a surprise for me.. I can't wait to share more details soon ..
بكل صراحة ماكنت متحمسة اني ازور بانكوك و ماخططنا شي يعني كل شي صار بعفوية ، بس انا وايد مبهورة
بانكوك وايد نظيفة و من ناحية الفاشن عندهم مصممين على مستوى عالمي كنت اسمع فيهم بس الحين القيت نظرة عليهم من قرب و في جم بوست بالتفاصيل قريبا

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Monday, September 8, 2014

First Look : Alexander Wang x H&M for Men

Launch date is approaching
November, 6th
So mark your calendars, also Rihanna was spotted in a full look of the collection
which you can view (Here)
And from the looks of it that's plenty of Wang in ONE outfit, so waiting for the ladies lookbook
before I decide if it's worth wrestling my way through the crowd

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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Trend Alert : Burberry Poncho

Photo Credit : Fashion Foie Gras
Upon spotting Burberry Poncho in the boutique last week, didn't expect it to be very popular among the Kuwaiti crowd. But I think the crowd is gearing up for winter the best way possible, Burberry Colour Block Poncho. Featuring embroidered initials up to 3 letters for each poncho, I guess BYH sounds cool no ? The poncho is woven from lambswool and cashmere by Johnstons of Elgin in Scotland and will be monogrammed in Blyth which requires about 3 weeks to be done..
أول ماشفت هالشال من بربري ، ماتوقعت ردة الفعل اللي شفتها.  مع انه الجو بالكويت جدا حار حاليا بس اتوقع انه بدينا نجهز حق الشتا ، المهم هذا الشال الملون من بربري يتطرز عليه 3 احرف بحد اقصى عشان يصير سبيشل  يلوق على احرف اسمي مو ؟
الشال من صوف وكشمير من سكوتلندا ويحتاج 3 اسابيع عشان التطريز
الحين البوتيك في الكويت، انا مريت اللي بالافنيوز في برستيج يستقبل طلبات عليه لانه خلص خلال يومين
It's sold out from the boutique already but I was informed that they are accepting pre-orders ..
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Friday, September 5, 2014

Valentino Capes


Seeing this gorgeous cape on the window display of Valentino sure made me stop in my tracks and enter the boutique.. At first my full attention was taken by the butterfly cape, I took turns with my friend trying it on it's gorgeous that we didn't want to take it off..
It's nice and long, the arm slits are perfect and would compliment so many outfits for winter. Oh the possibilities are endless..

Just when we thought that was is it, the salesperson produces another gorgeous cape which certainly won me over ! Look how the eagle embroidery wraps around the sholders and partly cover the back..
My friend was kind enough to try it on while I snapped away, my only regret that I didn't have my camera on me. Now can winter come sooner ?
Both capes were spotted in Valentino Boutique, Prestige
The Avenues
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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Thank You Fendi


Fendi introduced a new service during Ramadan, that you can get your initials in Arabic instead of English for a change . & you may purchase the luggage tag seperately and get your initials done complimentary..
Anyways, I got the Arabic initials done for my mother since her initials looks a bit funny in English and Fendi team surprised me with a complimentary luggage tag which I adorned with my initials right on spot  !

خلال شهر رمضان ، فندي قدموا خدمة يديدة  واهيا انها يطبعون الاحرف بالعربي على ميدالية الجنطة
وهالمرة الميدالية تنباع بروحها بدون الجنطة و يطبعون الاحرف بدون تكلفة ، طلبت منهم يطبعون  الاحرف بالعربي حق والدتي  لجنطتها اللي ماخذتها من فترة . وفندي فاجئوني بميدالية هدية طبعت عليها الاحرف الاولى من اسمي بس بالانجليزي
لانه شك الباء والياء بروحهم كلش مايشوق بالعربي

Thank you Fendi Team, Now all I'm missing is a mini peekaboo preferably in purple to match my new tag !
or perhaps I'm pushing my luck a bit , lol !
شكرا فندي ، لازم الاقي جنطة لونها بنفسجي عشان اركب عليها الميدالية 
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