Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Look Book: COS SS16 Collection

Intricacies of drapes and folds made effortless, the specifics of craftsmanship and a sense of re- evaluating the familiar are key themes for COS this spring/summer 2016.

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Fendi playful and cool Capsule Collection, celebrating Valentine's Day!

The collection is inspired by the heart, and by the iconic Bag Bugs featuring precious 

materials. Everything is in an adorable mini and micro size!

 Graphic pieces include: a red and pink leather mini By the Way; a mini Backpack in the 

shades of red; and a precious fox mohawk crest in red and black. the red micro Baguette. 

A unique touch is given to the  red micro Baguette with shaved mink, crystal eyes and  fox 


FENDI welcomes to this family: the heart furry charm with silver fox inlays in tones of red 

and pink; a sophisticated red Peekaboo Bag with heart shaped crystal eyes continues the 

iconic flow; a tube bag in leather with crystal eyes and a fox; and mink Bag Bugs with 

crystal eyes complete the line. 

This special capsule will be available in FENDI boutiques worldwide starting from 

beginning of February 2015. Discover more on .
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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Tried and Tested : A Mascara-A-Day

LadyB A-Mascara-A-Day
1. Better Than Sex, Too Faced 2.They're Real, Benefit 3. O!mega Lash, Marc Jacobs
Three of my current favourite mascara's so let's say if I used a mascara 3 times a day that would be the breakdown, so here it goes:
  1. Better Than Sex, by Too Faced . I heard plenty of reviews about it but seeing is believing they say. It's perfect for night time if I'm going for a winged liner and minimal makeup that gives me the perfect oomph ! It combines a dramatic length and a maximum amount of volume.
  2. They're Real, by Benefit. I would say my second favourite that's on the days I'm out around mid day and don't want to look too made up but put together nonetheless then this perfect, also the brown shade is a favourite of mine !
  3. O!mega Lash, by Marc Jacobs. this mascara is the lightest of the bunch I reach out for it in the morning as it gives lashes a subtle definition and I must mention that getting it off is super easy .
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Monday, February 1, 2016

Three Things

borrowed and blue by emily griffin
Borrowed and Blue by Emily Griffin
 A hearty chick-lit read that I've  managed to finish within' two weeks, two book combined in one and highly entertaining ..
رواية نوعا ما طويلة ومقسمة لي جزئين قضيت فيها اسبوعين اقراها و جدا استمتعت

Fashion Fair Chocolate Raspberry Collection
Fashion Fair Chocolae Raspberry Collection
Fashion Fair gorgeous lip kit " Chocolate Raspberry" lipstick, lipliner and lipgloss..
Experimenting with their gorgeous shades of lipsticks is definitely a new turf for me, but it's quite nice it's long lasting and compliments my complexion perfectly .

Zia Artisnal Candles
Zia Artisnal Candles
Gorgeous local made candles by Zia, such a unique piece of decoration and it would make an excellent gift choice.
وايد أحب الشموع وهذا البزنس " زيا" دزولي من شموعهم هدية و الصراحة شغلهم متميز و ماتخليت انه عندنا شي محلي يكون بهالجمال والدقة
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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

On Blogging : 5 Years

5 Years of Blogging
5 Years of Blogging 
 In 2011, when I first started LadyB Wonderland I was healing from sever depression and as a part of my healing process I created this space to reflect on life from a brighter perspective.
It brought me to focus on the things that I love and enjoy wither it's an outfit I shopped for, a slice of cake I shared with a friend, or a book I managed to pick up mindlessly ..

The endless support I received since Day One until this day filled my heart with joy and opened up many chances that I only dreamed off back then, but dreams do come true..
Thank you to each and every one of you for being a part this blog's success !

لما بديت البلوق في سنة 2011 ، كنت اتعالج من اكتئاب حاد وفتحته عشان الاقي مساحة اعبر فيها عن نفسي واركز فيه عالاشياء الايجابية اللي امر فيها كل يوم. أشياء كانت بسيطة سواء جولة تسوق أو طلعة حلوة مع رفيجتي أو كتاب أثر فيني 
 الحمدلله التأثير كان ايجابي وقدر الدعم اللي  لاقيته من البداية لي اليوم ماقدر احصره في بوست ، في اشياء كنت اتخليها و ما ظنيت في يوم انها تصير بس فاقت توقعاتي .
شكرا لكل شخص شجعني ودعمني من البداية 

Fendi Sweater and Skirt

Fendi Sweater and Skirt

Fendi Sweater and Skirt

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