Monday, April 21, 2014

FashBox : March Goodies


FashBox, a concept I already briefly explained (here) .
This month box is dedicated to hair treatment,  " Brazilian Keratin Therapy"  featuring a Shampoo , Conditioner & Anti - Breakage Serum.


The Shampoo  & Conditioner includes an exclusive blend of rich coconut oil, keratin proteins, avocado oil & cocoa butter to soften and strengthen the hair..
The serum to be used on towel dried hair aimed towards the ends or to use after trying to moisturise split ends and tame fly-a-aways.

This package came at a perfect time, I've managed to spend few days during my visit to Dubai in the beach under the sun. And as much as I love that I was dreading getting my hair dried out due salty water and blazing sun..
The product smells divine, the coconut isn't overwhelming and it lathers up nicely without leaving the hair greasy..
My hair is shiny, well kept and isn't weighed down by products..

What They Wore: The M2

Representative of Al-Salhiya Company, Simple black outfit dressed with statement turquoise accessories..
This dapper gentleman, in sharp suit and classic Chanel briefcase doubled as man purse..
Not too sure about man bags but he makes it work..
My outfit, I promise a proper outfit as soon as I have time..

This Chanel bag is gorgeous, It's has the classic appeal but not so classic..



Saturday, April 19, 2014

Poca & Poca

So I've sneaked another visit to Dubai the past week, I'll disclose the reasons in an upcoming post..
The weather is gorgeous at this time of the year so I tried my best to stay away from malls as much as I can. However, no trip is complete without a bit of shopping here and there and Gallery Lafayette had a small pop-up of Poca & Poca which was somewhat hard to dismiss ..
And being a sucker for details, I just couldn't resist the cuteness of this cape even though it's not a Muhajaba friendly item but I'll try my best to make it work and you shall be the judge if I managed to hit or miss in this task..
So how would you style it ?

Sneak Peek : The M2


The reveal of The M2, the newest project of Al-Salhia Company took place last Thursday as I was among the few who took the first look and met the local talents behind the project..
First we were greeted by the architect Jassim Al-Shehab where he explained that Al-Salhia wanted to come up with a new concept yet maintain the identity of the location so the M2 to be an art piece which shall serve the place well..
The Concept on level M2 houses 5 local dining concepts and each one to tell their story..


The first concept is "Dikakeen", an Arabic Colloquial term for a group of kiosks..

"Dikakeen" will serve Kuwaiti Fusion food, and will host live cooking by Kuwaiti chefs to showcase their take on local dishes..



The second concept is "Doppio" taking us to the deeper heart of Napoli, which is Italian for Double so it would house a pizzeria & Napolean street food.

Amr Alrefai the mastermind behind Solo Pizza Napulitana, which I previously featured Here !
So this is his second restaurant "Doppio" which in addition to the Napoletan Pizza he will be serving Napoletan fried street food .. While keeping it simple, delicious and genuine..

The Pantry

The third concept is " The Pantry "  Local artisanal bakery that produces freshly baked cakes, pies & artisanal bread..

This is the first physical location for the bakery to serve great tasting wholesome food made with high quality ingredients, the owner told us her story on how she transformed her business from a small home business..


Life with Cacao, that's actually their third branch in Kuwait after the one in 360 Mall and their branch in The Avenues. So this location will have a small cafe' and a retail section to sell chocolates.
With an exclusive menu dedicated to the new location only..

The last concept which is  "Ridley's Burger", a local concept inspired by Ridley's Market in London. Taking inspiration from the 1950-1940's the chairs, walls, flooring and most of the materials used are selected with care from that era.
Ridley's  Menu will be a mix of American and British burger while focusing on gourmet ingredients  such as rare ingredients and high quality along with sides and appetizers..

Thank you Pretty Little Things; Noaf for the kind invitation..
The M2 should be up and running within a month if not less from now..

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Julie Jolie Bunnies



No trip to Dubai is complete without few visits to Level Shoe District in Dubai Mall, the ultimate shoes destination..
And who would resist the temptation of coming up with excuses to buy another pair of shoes?
Julie Jolie a newly launched brand in Level exclusively, which sadly I couldn't find further information about..

The bunny ears on both of the heels and the flats were irresistible, I've tried them both to test them out and their padded as well to give additional support..
I made a promise to myself to not to buy any more suede shoes, since I manage to ruin them in no time ! The salesperson was kind enough to mention that their among the best sellers in Level ..
I'd consider them a nice fun factor to compliment any outfit..


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