Thursday, May 26, 2016

Breaking News: Kenzo X H&M

H&M is proud to announce that its next designer collaboration will be with KENZO, the vibrant and playful Parisian house that captures the energy of global culture to create its unique, youthful spirit. Creative Directors Carol Lim and Humberto Leon will bring the spirit of KENZO to H&M, creating collections for women and men as well as accessories.
For some reason I anticipated this collaboration a few years ago, since Kenzo was the " IT" brand a couple of years ago, but mark your calendars for the 3rd of November for now .

اتش اند ام أعلن أمس انه تعاون هالسنة مع كينزو ، المفروض الكولكشن يحتوي على ملابس نسائية ورجالية و اكسسوارات . راح ينزل الكولكشن بتاريخ  3 نوفمبر . ناطرة اشوف صور اللوك بوك مع انه للحين ماتسربت اي صور منه . .  مادري ليش كنت متوقعة انه هالتعاون راح يتم من زمان مو الحين خصوصا لانه قبل سنتين تقريبا كان كينزو مكتسح الساحة 

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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Splurge VS. Steal

Splurge vs Steal
Left: Loeffler Randall, Right : Aquazzura

A must have piece to add to any shoe wardrobe would be nude pointed toe flats, as I imagine to wear them endlessly styled with cropped culottes and denim. Would look effortless and chic !
As I love the shape of the Aquazzura's but I'm digging the colour of the Randall's a bit more.

واحد من الاشياء الاساسية اللي لازم تكون موجودة في اي مجموعة جواتي اتوقع اهيا الفلات النود ، عملي ومرتب و يطلع اللبس اكشخ سواء انلبس مع بنطلون وسيع او مع جينز سكيني، توني ماخذه بنطلون احمر واحس بيطلع وايد حلو معاه . حبيت شكل اكوازورا بس لون الجلد من لوفلر شكله احلى 

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Friday, May 13, 2016

Three Things

Charlotte Olympia X MAC Collaboration

It's been a while since I posted anything related to three things, but now since things have settled. I hope I can do a better job in keeping up with proper posting for few things a week. This weekend all I'm planning to do is nothing at all, just resting and chilling. Gosh, I'm getting old would have thought that a couple of crazy weekends will get me beyond exhausted .

Coconut & Chia Granola been having it for breakfast for everyday, so yum !

A spontaneous weekend to Bahrain, more on that later.
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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Food for Thought : When Breath Becomes Air

When Breath Becomes Air
One of the common phrases that we usually use is " Kuwait is small" but after reading this book, the correct phrase would be " The world is small" .
I'm an avid reader and a big fan of  " A Cup of Jo " blog, can't start my Sundays before pouring through it and flooding my Snapachat followers with screenshots . My great surprise was finding out that the Author was Joanna late brother in law.
The young neurosurgeon who was about to graduate came to a grave discovery, once he got diagnosed with lung cancer.  Can't deny it's a sad book but beautifully written that I didn't want to put it down. However, it sometimes felt a bit heavy in regards with medical terms which I'm rather unfamiliar with. 

Religiously speaking, we see that if God loves you he usually cleans you from your past sins with sickness . A blessing in disguise to say the least.

المصطلح الدارج اهوا " الكويت صغيرة"  بس لما قريت هالكتاب حسيت انه العالم صغير مو بس ديرتنا . انا اتابع بشكل مستمر البلوجر الامريكية " جوانا " ولما شريت هالكتاب بسفرتي الاخيرة بعدين اكتشفت انه مرت الكاتب اهيا اختها التوام . القصة تتكلم عن الجراح " بول" ومعاناته بعد تشخيصه انه مريض بسرطان الرئة قبل لايتخرج من تخصصه . اسلوب الكاتب جدا مشوق بس شوي حسيتني ضايعة لانه يتكلم بوايد مصطلحات طبية يصعب علي فهمها 

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