Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Outfit of the Day : Eid

Finally sharing my eid outfit, to be honest it's not entirely new but I got this cape from Dubai when I went there last April and didn't have a chance to wear it . So Voila ! It became my eid outfit ..
Eid wasn't too festive for me as I went down with flu so I only managed to snap those pictures on a hurry before I got back into my pyjamas to spend the rest of the day in bed ..

The idea of white shoes still scares me, I always picture nurses in frumpy & boring white shoes. Yet Alexander Wang made me overcome this fear .. First they Glow in DARK ! I sound like an excited 8 year old, I know ! Yet they have this futuristic touch to them and besides they went on sale on
 The Outnet so I'd better get them before someone else does no?

Outfit Details :
Cape : Poca & Poca
Shirt  & Pants : COS
Shoes: Alexander Wang
( Sold out, Available Here in Black )
Handbag : Louis Vuitton
Nail Polish: Bee's N Knee's, Topshop 
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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Dare to Wear? Dama Clutch

Backgammon or as we call it Dama, a playful approach from Sarah's bag
a handcrafted clutch in collaboration with Maison Tarazi the makers of fine oriental crafts

It's a gorgeous clutch, and such a collector's item of you are into such things.
I'd picture it with a linen caftan or a minimal outfit relying on beige and white which drives the attention to the clutch and its beautiful details
Dare to wear?
Shop Now
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Weekly Sugar OD : Violet Boutique


We sometimes plan desserts a week in advance for our weekly gathering, and that what happened with this cake in particular..
The general cravings was " Ice Cream " so we settled for an icecream cake coated generously with candy floss, or Persian Pashmak to be more precise ..

The cake looked too good to be touched, let alone eaten..
The fresh flowers used added a nice touch to the garnish and made everyone whip their phone to snap a picture..

The inner core had three layers of ice cream, Rainbow Sherbet,Cotton Candy & Strawberry and a layer of vanilla sponge cake below..
Also the icecream was coated with a thin layer of white chocolate to avoid getting the candy floss being too soggy..

Violet Boutique
Tel : 90901288
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Katie Grand Loves Hogan


This post is long overdue but I thought I'd share it nonetheless, since the collection is still available in store and has 50% off.
My love for polka dots isn't something new, it's such a fun pattern to wear if you are bored with stripes, floral and plaid..

Katie Grand for Hogan was all about polka dots, sling back pointed two pumps and slip on sneakers which seems to be the trend nowadays..
I fell in love with the pumps since I rarely wear this sort of flats but unfortunately the black and white version was sold out otherwise I wouldn't think twice. You think the black and blue are equally nice?

Slip on sneakers with patent leather hearts on the front of the shoes, a cute edition if you fancy canvass sneakers with a girly touch..
This is the 3rd collection Katie Grand works for Hogan, which I featured previously ( Here )

Hogan is located in The Avenues
2nd Avenue, Ground Floor
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Thursday, August 7, 2014

All About Eyes : 10 Minutes Routine

I can be such a grumpy person during mornings so I think after few years of practice I've managed a fuss free make up routine that merely takes 10 minutes to perfect. Add 5 minutes which requires me to get dressed then I'm out of the door in 15 minutes , sounds like a good deal no ?

انا وقعدة الصبح كلش مانتوالم ، قاحاول كثر ما اقدر اني بعد ما اصحى من النوم ما اطول وانا اتجهز قبل لا اطلع . ومكياجي صرت اقدر اخلصه خلال 10 دقايق خصوصا اني اركزعلى العيون بعدين البس ب 5 دقايق وجذي اكون جاهزة بدون تاخير 

The thing is having to be at work at 8 am nice and sharp while being presentable is not easy, and I'm a person who cherishes sleep no matter what so that's the happy harmony I've managed to reach . But the key ingredient is sleep and a good eye cream which took me ages to find a perfect one that suits such a delicate area !

دوامي يبدى الساعة 8 وانا احب يكون شكلي مرتب  وبنفس الوقت انا احب النوم فالخطة اني انام عدل و اشتري كريم زين حق محيط العيون

And trust me puffy eyes is not a pleasant so invest in a good eye cream before anything else, especially that I struggled for a bit in this area until I've managed to find a good one. Even though I sleep for 7 to 8 hours a day, I drink 2-2.5  litres of water daily, exercise for 3 to 4 times a week and all of this adds up to a fresh face during mornings ..
المنطقة اللي حوالين  عيني شوي تعبانة بس خلتني اعيد النظر بوايد اشياء ، انام عدل من 7 لي 8 ساعات بالليل و اشرب  تقريبا لترين ماي باليوم  و العب رياضة3 لي 4 مرات بالاسبوع و جربت وايد كريمات حق العين لين ضبط وياي كريم شانيل 

1. Chanel Hydra Beauty Gel Yeux ( Link )
Light and moisturizing but not too greasy so it's sets nicely , perfectly combats puffiness and dark circles so I skip concealer *win*
 كريم شانيل اهوا ابيض بس صاير خفيف على جيل شوي مع انه مو شفاف ، وصرت ماضطر احط كونسيلر الصبح 
2. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion ( Link
I have somewhat oily eyelids so this makes everything nice and matte, and keeps my liquid eyeliner in place perfectly. 
 جفوني نوعا ما دهنية ، بعكس المنطقة  تحت عيني هذا البرايمر بيرفكت لانه يخلي الجفون مطفية ويثبت الايلاينر 
انا ماحط شدو الصبح بس يثبت الشدو ومافيه لون 
3. Mac Angled Brow Brush, No.208 ( Link )
I like to fill in my eyebrows slightly so this brush is ideal to use.
 فرشة الحواجب ماستغنى عنها  من ماك رقمها 208
4. Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow, Mahogany ( Link )
After plenty of trial and error I've found that this compliments the colour of my eyebrows best without looking too sharp against my features to avoid looking like my eyebrows were drawn with a sharpie this is soft and gentle and fill in the eyebrows nicely, due to the fact I have a slight scar on my left eyebrow..
ماحب منظر الحواجب المرسومة بس انا عندي اثر جرح قديم في حاجبي اليسار احب اغطيه ، لون "الماهوجني"  ناعم ويضبط مع لون حواجبي بدون لايبين فيه شي غلط
6. Urban Decay 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner (Link)
My favourite part is eyeliner, a flick of a winged eyeliner can open up the eye nicely. It stays put through out the day and I use a different colour each day depending on the mood, the brown is soft and compliments natural makeup, black is sharp if I'm feeling a bit dramatic and I like navy blue if I'm feeling adventurous there's a nice violet colour which I use occasionally. The tip is sharp and thin, right on point but might need practice and I find it ideal for the shape of my eyes . Also check out Carrie eyeliner tutorial pretty similar to mine ( Here
الايلاينر شي اساسي بمكياجي في كل الحالات بس احب اخليه يكون مرسوم ببساطة حق الصبح وما ابالغ فيه ، هذا الايلاينر من اربان ديكاي الحلو فيه انه ثابت وفرشته ضعيفه انا لاني متمكنة منه فماشوف مشكلة بالفرشة وعادي ارسم فيها بسهولة ، بالعادة استعمل البني بشكل يومي لانه لونه مو وايد حاد بس والاسود حلو اذا لي مزاج شي قوي و جربت الكحلي حلو وتغيير بسيط 
7. Finally, Benefit They're Real Mascara ( Link )
Just a quick swipe goes a long way, since this mascara is a bit dramatic so I don't go overboard I just make it quick and add up a bit more if I'm going out later in the day . 
هذي الماسكرا حلوة ، حتى لو احط عالخفيف تحدد الرموش بشكل حلو وما احتاج احط منها وايد 
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