August 14, 2013

Mulberry: Meet Alexa, Del Rey & Willow !

The latest collection of Mulberry handbags, the colours were vibrant and inviting so I thought it's a must to dedicate a post to their collection..
And Mulberry being a brand which I'm personally fond of, I thought I'll share a bit of information about each bag in specific..
The first bag which is Alexa, you may have seen me quite a lot carrying it around like here. The bag was named Alexa behind the English model Alexa Chung in 2009. 
It comes in 3 different sizes; mini, medium and oversized ..

I consider it my everyday bag, the leather is soft and sturdy, its fits a lot of my stuff and I've found myself always lugging it around whenever I'm traveling since it has an adjustable strap and I can fit my wallet, make up bag, a bottle of water and a book .. Still can be organized since it got a zipped pocket and two roomy pockets to fit both of my mobiles..
The magenta & the soft pink colours of this season were hard to resist..

Another style to shed the light on is the Del Rey,  named after the infamous singer Lana Del Rey .
The bag itself is somewhat understated yet practical, it came in 3 different sizes.
The small and the medium ones only comes with a detachable strap..

Buttersoft leather which sometimes comes combined with ostrich skin for a change, but I'm not a fan of ostrich.. But I'll give the bag some slack since it's constructed and got a whiff of retro to it's design..

The last one, The Willow !
Which to be honest it's the one which got my interest the most, since I was thinking it was named after Willow Smith but little I knew !
It's actually named after the brand's second factory; The Willows which shall open soon in Somerset..

It's a constructed tote, comes in large and Medium but got a hidden twist to it which made a lot more exciting..

The tote itself features a detachable clutch which makes it double for 2 bags in ONE, plus the medium sizes comes along with an adjustable strap to carry it hands free..
So it's a tote, a clutch & an occasional cross bag for here and there..


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