July 12, 2013

Serious Talk : Bloggers VS. Press

"When a blogger writes up daily accounts of an international conference, as David Steven did at the 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development, that is journalism. When a magazine reporter repurposes a press release without checking facts or talking to additional sources, that is not. When a blogger interviews an author about their new book, that is journalism. When an opinion columnist manipulates facts in order to create a false impression, that is not. When a blogger searches the existing record of fact and discovers that a public figure’s claim is untrue, that is journalism. When a reporter repeats a politician’s assertions without verifying whether they are true, that is not. "

Well, I've hesitated for quite a lot before having the courage to spill the beans and speak my mind about a certain issue that's been going on for quite a while..
Being a media major in the background I've been exposed to the difference between a blogger and a journalist as we might have met halfway but the difference happens to be majorly significant..  Some may agree with me others may go highly against me or throw rocks at me, one thing I'd kindly ask for is to give me a chance to defend my claim..

The point I'm trying to highlight is, I really appreciate it when an establishment or a business dedicate an event or a get together for bloggers. Give us good amount of attention, information and a walk through  while making a major distinguish between us and press as we present our own selves (the blog) not being paid for by a media force to do our job. It's true we both  respond to the five questions of Press ; Who, What, Where, Why and When ? ( The 5 W's ) in order to compile a read worthy material  but the similarity might just stop there..

What I really don't appreciate when I personally receive an email addressed with Dear Blogger cc'ed along with a countless number of fellow bloggers as well as other media organizations as magazines and newspapers. With a foot note mentioning the importance of hiring a photographer for the event.

The difference we own among press as I mentioned previously we only present the blog, we take pictures and compile contents, we are the gate keepers and the grammatical correctors of our posts.
I highly care about my credibility and what I'm presenting without offending anyone else in that matter. When attending an event the thing that gets on my nerves that whenever I want to snap a picture or get a piece of information from the people involved with the event I see journalists pushing and shoving to fight over whatever they can get not caring for anyone else in that matter then rushing to  finish without forgetting to fight over a goodie bag upon leaving.
So now you probably asking then why blog? Blogging is passion, putting together a post, snapping pictures and publishing it to my readers is a great outlet. I've met a lot of great people, the gates been opened to me on many levels that I wouldn't have even dreamed of.. I've recieved great feedback and sometimes not so great feedback but that didn't stop me going because I tried to see the negativity as a motivation to keep on going..


Some of the really good events I've attended were done by Al-Yasra group and nope they haven't paid me to write this post. But they really have set a great example of how bloggers event should go, they've managed to create a relationship, give interactive events, represent the brands they are in charged with, give enough information and yet encourage us to do shopping with them along the way . You may read about these posts , here:

So hold your horeses my darlings, I'm only trying to be honest and not to offend anyone. That's a partial reason of my events attending. As I've decided to be selective of my blogs content, and to filter what goes here without harming my credibility. I know that a lot of my fellow bloggers are more than welling to do a better job in blogging about a certain event because it matters to them or strike an attention and that what makes them different. So I'll keep on focusing on what makes me different for now..


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