March 30, 2013

Cucina with Giorgio Locatelli

Celebrity Chef Giorio Locatelli hosted a two night dinner at Hotel Missoni , Cucina Restaurant..
The night was buzzing with people, as we shared our table as well ..
Unexpected, but life is full with surprises ..

To kick start our meal we had a selection of Antipasti "Appetizers" 
which consisted of a small salad, carpaccio & bruschetta drizzled with balsamic..

Two kinds of pasta, along with prawns and fresh  sweet cherry tomato sauce to go along ..
I loved the thinner pasta more, but Bedour leaned more towards the chubby ones ..

It was my first time to try out fillet of beef combination with green pesto, delicious nonetheless..

Selection of chocolate
Just the perfect happy ending which I didn't want to end !
Sorry the ice-cream melted before snapping the pic..

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