April 13, 2012

Bella Cucina Pt.2

Aside from sampling Luna, and attending the grand openning of Hotel Missoni  here & here
That was my first time to visit Cucina so I was very tempted to sample their menu..

Our Chef for the day was Claudio Barzano came around to say hello and to speak about what he's gonna serve us for the day, the good thing that we were having sample size dishes to be able to try everything.
 Chef Borzano , mentioned that he steered away from Fettuccine Alfredo & Spaghetti Bolognese  since they are not authentic Italian dishes as he rather focus on dishes that authentically emerges from the Italian Kitchen..

The new Spring/ Summer food & beverages menu to browse..
& ofcourse Missoni signature vibrant colours adorning the tableware..

Complimentary bread basket and spreads for a start, olive oil, olive spread & dried tomatoes

Profume di Rosa
An ambrosial blend of ripened raspberries, fresh grap and lemon slightly spritzed with delicatel perfumed rose scented water
I loved my drink, it was zesty  and very aromatic just the mixture of rose water & raspberries made it very aromatic & tasty..

Carpaccio Di Cernia con Insalata di Finocchi e Melograno
Basically it's marinated hammour carpaccio served with fennel and pomegranate salad,
first time for me to try a hammour carpaccio I was conserned that it would taste fishy but surprisingly it didn't, this dish exceeded my expectations

The Insalata tiepida di Gamberoni
Warm king prawns with bread dressing & fresh tomatoes was very fresh the prawns were huge in size which was a plus

 Bresaola di manzo con Rucola e Fungi Sott'olio
Beef bresoala with rocket leaves, fresh mushrooms & Extra virgin olive oil was quite tasty and not too beefy
& Insalata di pollo e peperoni, Condimento e Balsamico
it was paper thin slices of chicken breast surrounding a bed of  bell peppers, cappers & balsamic dressing ..
The bell peppers were sauteed to perfection, yum !

Ravioli al Gamberi con fiori di Zucchine
Moving on to the main dishes after the starters course, Home made prawns ravioli with Courgette flower, this really tasted like a traditional dish "gabo6 " or more likely "Jbab" which revolves around the same concept but the shape looks different a bit

Gnocchi di patate ai Quattro Formaggi
This dish was simply a surprise, I think we are all been familliar with the regular gnocchi "potato dumplings" however the colour of this dish is what made intriqued the first time I spot this gorgeous colour, as they explained to me later that they used blue potatoes which gave the dumpling this lovely purple colour <3 the chef also metioned that it holds up better than regular potatoes !
Kudos to the chef he simply outdone everything I have expected !

& Lasagne al Ragu
from the first bite you can feel the homemade taste of this lasagne very fulfilling and rich with flavour.
If you are a person that doesn't like taking a risk with food then this is your dish !
Delicious nontheless..

Branzino in Crosta di Pomodoro con Purea di Patate el Basilico
That was my favourite dish, sea bass fillet in sun dried tomato crust with basil mashed tomtatoes, c'mon have you tried anything like that? the was it was assembled made it look like a piece of art !

Tagliata di manzo con rucola
That was the last main dish of the meal, super prime cut US beef adorned with rocket leaves, paremssan EVOO, and it's my first time to try out meduim rare meat but rather tasty would do as a very nice main dish to dine on for my future visits..

Finally the happy ending was, Napoletana riccotta cheese & wheat tart
and Chocolate tart with homemade coconut icecream which was exceptionally simply yet the perfect happy ending !

The chocolate tart was such a beauty <3

Our lunch buddies for the day, Faye & Duaa' from Hotel Missoni staff..
We had a good time chatting and discussing a variety of subjects during lunch, such an entertaining crowd..

Hotel Missoni Uniform as worn by Faye and her lovely fairy necklace <3
Thanks alot for your kind hospitality dear..

& Finally a simple gift from Hotel Missoni

Special thanks to Chef Claudio Borzano for the amazing lunch..

Symphony Complex, Gulf Road
P O Box 1113, Salmiya 22012
T: + 965 2577 0000


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