April 30, 2012

Pretty Little Things at Sadu House

Last night, I have managed to attend Pretty Little Things events at Sadu House which I was more than looking forward to..
First greeted by the lovely Abrar behind Th.haba which is true to her words as precious as gold, displaying her latest collection focusing on old school jewelry such as Marami rings and flat sheet diamonds..

Check out the rings party Abrar had going on, the perfect display for her jewelry, the bracelets & necklace she was wearing featuring her new collection the flat sheet diamonds..

May's jewelry garden was quite whimsical, hence the name of my blog its got a touch of wonderland to it which was tre's chic and quite attracting..

You'd imagine colorful butterflies flying out her display, loved her May ring and " حب" bracelet<3

 And from Saudi Arabia, the beautiful designer Razzan Alazzouni which I came to know of from
The Overdressed to be honest flipping through her collection I was mesmerized and didn't know what choose as every piece is more beautiful than the other..
The designer herself and her ameccable taste *mashallah* was a major factor of distraction as well..

I loved Razan jewelry, which she highlighted that it was done by a Local Saudi designer Erum who focuses on traditional jewelry but with a modern twist . The gold cuff and earings mixed with pearls really complimented her outfit..

That's another design from Threads by Razan loved how cleanness and simplicity of the design..

Elegant details around the sleeves..

Loved this top, which they had a long dress in a simillar design as well ..

Lina Jewelry Design, Graduated from GIA Los Angeles as a gemologist and jewelry designer.

Crocheted gold plated  hand made jewelry, I loved the asthetic of her designs and how she managed to weave the gold in a way simillar to crochet..

Sadu inspired accessories by Muneera Al-Sharhan, she had the cutest and trendiest rings and ear cuffs which were selling out like hot cakes !

The Yard, had a selection of interesting stuff in their display I think that cute bib would be  perfect for His & Hers baby boy <3

Finally got to meet the master mind behind Fyunka, Alaa Balkhy the Jeddah based designer  of Fashion line inspired designs with the influence of popular culture and Arabic type.

I couldn't help it and snatched one of her illustrated bags, super adorable and creative <3 

Pieces by Farah,  Innovative homeware and furniture which is out of the ordinary and pretty practical at the same time..
I know my mom would love those teacups but I'm attempting a second visit since I was busy socialising and snapping pictures which happens to be my case at most of the events that I forget to shop properly, Let's hope I can find sometime to passby one more time !

Lovely colours to choose from according to your own taste !

And finally the sweet Noaf Hussain, the social butterfly and founder of Pretty Little Things rocking a skirt and a top from Threads by Razan and carrying an infinite smile !
Kudos to you darling, you did a wonderful job !
You get to donate to the local orphanage, choose the amount and tie a ribbon to the tree <3
So if you have time passby, the event is going until May 1st
Timings :
3:00 to 10,30


  1. I Loved Razan's jewelry! Do you recall the name of the designer?

  2. Just updated the post, local Saudi designer called Erum :)


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