Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Photo Challenge - Day 17

On the shelf
My collection of bubble baths by Bath & Body Works, they don't make black raspberry vanilla bubble bath so I got the shower gel instead but got other scents as well !
My bath smells heavenly !

Happy Eid

عيدكم مبارك ، وعساكم من عواده
It passed really quickly, it just feels like yesterday we were greeting each others with Ramadhan !

Monday, August 29, 2011

Purple Pants !

Palazzo pants are becoming a main part of my wardrobe lately its soo comfy, light and looks very good with short tops without having to worry about covering up here and there !

As I mentioned before, those Charlotte Olympia heels were love at first sight, couldn't leave without getting them looks quite perfect with some of my latest purchases !

 Pictures were taken at the number 4 boutique a convenient and very versatile location for a photoshoot !

Top : Rick Owens
Tee : Rick Owens
Pants: Mango
Bracelet: Fenton
Shoes: Charlotte Olympia

Here's another look for the top and tee, worn with black pants and Lanvin for H&M blazer.
Which one you liked more?

The Number 4 Boutique
Shuwaikh industrial area, street 55 " Airport Street" Mahdi
Habeeb Building, Opposite BMW Showrrom, Shuwaikh, Kuwait

Thanks alot to Yousef Al-Taher & Faith !

M By Missoni : Bad Experience !

UPDATE: Got one big fat apology from M by Missoni management along with a promise for the garment to be delivered to my doorstep, at 9,30 PM sharp a huge shopping bag was delivered to me !

I delayed my Eid shopping for an outfit until last minute I wasn't asking for much but there's no harm in looking for something special and fancy for this special occasion !
After strolling half of the Avenues I entered M by Missoni as a last resort, perhaps there was something I could find to wear for Eid ! Anyhow I found this kinda cute  blazer then I remembered spotting online that it came with a pair of wide fit pants, I asked the sales person if the pants are available somewhere around the store or perhaps if I can find it at Al-Raya Complex she immediately mentioned that the pants are available with my size at Al-Raya  but I have to wait until futoor to summon a driver to  it and should be available at the Avenues around 8,30 pm  but she'll save me the top and the pants as soon as it gets there this conversation took place at 2,35 pm to be exact !

At 9, 22 I arrived to the Avenues parked right next to the shop and my first stop was Missoni to be surprised that the pants have not arrived and a nasty attitude from the salesperson telling me that I arrived very late in the afternoon which allowed no time for her to call the driver to summon the garment and she didn't even bother calling the driver until the time I arrived ! all of that gibberrish with no apologetic tone and lots yelling infront of the shop customers.
Seeing the situation as it was I just picked up my stuff and left the shop, I could have given her a piece of my  mind before I left but I was  beyond shocked  by this unexpected behaviour !

M by Missoni you lost me as a loyal customer, I'm not planning to set a foot in that shop ever again !
I'm sorry for the elongater complain but I had to get it outta my system otherwise I'd blow up !

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Photo Challenge - Day 16

What I Ate
Laduree Salad
Quite tasty and so fresh ! I also recommend their artichoke soup !

Look Who's Here?

Adorable gift from Zain , featuring their latest AD Malsoun & No3man !
Childhood memories came back rushing, such a cute gesture !

Aside from the two stuffed dolls which got confiscated by my nephews, recieved this No3man 1 GB  flash memory to keep all for myself !
Kawaiiiii !

Thanks alot Zain !

Opera Eid Cake

Opéra's latest cake creations.
Available in three flavors, date and rose mousse deliciously blended with vanilla sponge cake, Macadamia Caramel and pistachio mousse infused with vanilla sponge cake and the third being mango mixed with chocolate melded in vanilla and chocolate sponge cake. Beautifully packaged to keep reminding our customers that Opéra is with you at heart even after our desserts are polished off. It's Opera's way of saying Have a happy and Blessed Eid.

Seems like a splendid sugar OD for Eid !

Salheya 22 40 77 00
Qurtuba 25 33 77 03

Friday, August 26, 2011

Limited T-Shirts by ذ Shirt

A few more designs for ذ shirt available now in limited pieces at Fortune Cookie Boutique , Olympia Mall.
To check out the rest of the collection, kindly visit Faith blog !

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Photo Challenge - Day 14


JF Scarves

Have you completed your look for this Eid?
If your looking for the last finishing touch
make sure to check out JF Scarves latest Eid Collection
The trend this Eid is opaque crystals in whites and pastel shades
and the exclusive to JF Scarves Swarovski thin crystal band.

JF Scarves
Style. Quality. Elegance

A limited collection is available at:
52 Degrees at Tilal Complex, Shwaikh
Pop Up at 360 Mall
or call/msg

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Stole My Heart Away !

As I mentioned in a previous post about lil' thief collection by Reem Dashti, her display took place at Villa Mini Boutiques, Adeliya !
I was taken away by the amazing display, tree branches & bird cages and splendid handmade necklaces, brooches & bangles in addition to ready made quirky rings!

Check  out the rings display I got myself an armour ring that I couldn't resist !

Isn't that ring simillar to Meblogging ring ?

B is for Babushka !
Her collection was aimed to please all tastes, wether soft colors or bold statement palletes with hand painted accurasy & un expected materials !

Such a pretty choker with cameo details which can be worn as a brooche by itself as well !

Check out those funky wings with a scarf like tie at the back to hold it in place quite unexpected eh?

Pretty brooches with tiny immaculate details, the tiny cup and the shiny clock very Alice in WonderLand <3

The lovely No3ik, who I fortunetly stumpled upon in the exhibition !
Modeling for this one of a kind necklace featuring crystal embellished birdie & a tiny bird cage, how cute is that?
Thanx alot sweety for posing for me and tolerating my endless shots <3

Another favourite of mind this crochet bib necklace with tiny detailed embellishments check out the scissors cameo in the middle ? Quite quirky I must say !

& Finally my purchase, the minute I saw it I knew I must have it ?
Pale turqoise bib necklace with pearls embroidery, a birdie, flower corsage & a pretty ribbon tied at the back how can you resist such thing?
I didn't take pictures of the armour ring though , but You'll definetly see it in future outfit posts for sure !

Good Luck Reemy , such a down to earth person and a phenomenal designer !
You still have three more days to visit the "Lil' thief", the exhibiton is still going till  Friday !
I might pay them  another visit avec Her <3

Photo Challenge - Day 13

From a distance

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Food for Thought : The Truth About Melody Browne

The story of a single mom, who suddenly gets her memory back for an un- explained reason then she discovered having amnesia at the age of nine .
Her memory rushes back to her, the death of her baby sister, her mother depression, her parents divorce, living at a hippie community house, her moms arrest for stealing a baby then goin to prison, the sudden death of her father.
Lots of incidents given in an expected frame, in a journey for Melody Browne to discover herself !

I loved this book !

Recent Purchase

Pearl Collar pour H&M
Price Tag: 9,900 KD
The minute I saw it on their Fall lookbook I knew that I had to get it !
Now in stores !

Anyone else got something interesting as well from H&M  recently?

Monday, August 22, 2011

Little Thief

Little thief exhibition, accessories collection  for Eid. Handmade with the prettiest trinkets and finds, each tells a unique story, and reflects a passion for art to create stunning statement pieces.
Little Thief Statement Jewelry Designed by the wonderful  Reem Dashti

I'm goin there tomorrow for sure since I'm a sucker for handmade accessories, I already own 2 pieces from previous collections and now quite looking forward for more !
Have my eyes on two pieces by now !
Will I see you tomorrow?

Date & Time :
23 - 26 August
from 8:30 pm - 12:30 am   

Villa Mini Boutiques
Abdulla AL Hajri St
Block 2 House 16

for more info 6006 9091 

Seeing Doubles ?

 I guess not ! I got those gorgeous Banana Taipei bags as a birthday gift !
Very handy for everyday casual outings & errands/
And guess what ? It's back in stock at Panacheous !

Scoop a Cone

Few days ago I recieved a lovely treat from Scoop A Cone, neatly packaged in a flower shape stirofoam container .

Along with a loyalty card, take away menu and a leaflet featuring some of the latest features catered by Scoop A cone !

Five scoops of gelato heaven, chocolate, vanilla, cheesecake, mango & a flavour I couldn't put a finger one had a very distinctive cinammony taste though ! Loved the cheesecake and ate all of it for myself left the rest to share with the familia on the gathering !

Thanks alot Scoop for the treat , I'm really humbled by your generous gesture !

Photo Challenge - Day 12

Close up !
An's insanely cool heels, from United Nude she got them on her last trip to Vienna !
Mixing architectural inspirations with fashion, I simply loved it!
what do you think?

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Photo Challenge - Day 11

 Something Fun !
Friends & family endless ghabga's, this specific ghabga was soo mush fun lotsa interesting people to meet and yummy food to devour !

Check out those cute tea china's very Alice in Wonderland, eh?
I wonder where's the mad hatter is about !

And the hostess breezy caftan and her healthy gergai'an treats <3
I simply love this girl !

Finally last but not least Aya's Pretty caftan with matte sequins adorning the collar and cute ring !

Weekly Sugar OD

Since Ansam's Ghabga, and I've been raving to my family about the Rose IceCream it was outta of this world and perfect happy ending for a meal .My sister couldn't resist and went for Futoor at LeNotre to try it specifically she even had two portions all to herself , hehe !

Anyways since we kept daydreaming about the icecream I decided to give LeNotre a call and order one for our weekly gathering placed an order first thing in the morning then called Mr.Delivery to pick it up and drop it home around 8PM,  at 10 mins before 8PM it was at my door step !
And trust me when I say it was gone within 15 minutes, everyone loved it but I was surprised with the portion it was fairly small !
Nonetheless we enjoyed it alot <3

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Photo Challenge - Day 10

Something I made
Handmade brooche

Note: I'm having trouble with my hosting domain it's taking forever but will get it fixed asap !
sorry for inconvenience folks !

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Photo Challenge - Day 9

Faceless Self Portrait
Picture taken at Boutique "4" part of an upcoming project which I shall reveal soon, Photography by Faith and not to forget the amazing help by the boutique marketing executive !

Top : Osman Via Boutique 4

Shoes: Alexander Birman Via Boutique 4
Doesn't they remind you of the Gucci heels Confashions was raving about a lil' while ago ?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Christian Louboutin Now Open !

At Salhiya Complex !
Can't wait to go there, I hope to find my size before it flies away !


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