June 16, 2011

Weekly Sugar OD

                                                          Snack Factory Lava Cake

 or Death by Chocolate, it smelled heavenly and looked like a killer came along with a metal tray but honestly didn't live up to my expectations the quality of chocolate need a lil' bit of work 10 minutes exactly after slicing the cake the chocolate turned rock hard, wanted to snap a pic but it looked really un appetizing to begin with so decided against it. Snack Factory if you're reading this, I mean no harm but please try to modify the quality of chocolate.

     15 kd

Snack Factory
Tel: 99981473



  1. tadreen I got it for dads bday he loves cocolate bs I was surprised ena my similar cake the I make tastes better! its not bad at all bs easy to make ! ill sell mine for 20KD then:p

  2. 7asafa 3ad it looks delicious

  3. bel3afya ,, shakelha eshwaeg, o ra7 ajarebha 3an qareeb enshalla :)


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