May 29, 2011

Shower Essentials


 The Comforter Bubble Bar

    This fruity bubble bar gives the feeling of being hugged by a jolly blackcurrant. When life is getting you down, crumble The Comforter under hot, running water for purple water and creamy bubbles.

The Ma Bar
The LUSH Ma Bar is a Bubble Bar of two halves: cocoa and honey toffee. In the centre, there's a lump of brown sugar, which melts in the bath water.

I spend endless hours in my bathtub wether reading or tweeting , therefore I stocked my bathroom with a variety of bubble bath's and bubble bars.
Lush carry a wide variety of bubble bars, I manage to divide them into 3 or 4 pieces and use each piece individually. Crumble it in a dry tub then start the water. It fills the tub with a nice rosy color and tons of bubbles !
Anyone tried them as well ? other reccomendations?
Lush, 360 Mall


  1. i still can't get over the fact that they closed lush in jeddah :"(

  2. عيب لاش بسرعه يخترب :\

    مع انه منتجاته عجيبه ..


  3. aaaah i was there yesterday! i wish i have read ur post before that:P


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