June 02, 2017

What's In My Handbag : Micro Lady Dior

Micro Lady Dior
What's In My Handbag 
So the most asked question, does your bag fit for anything ?
So that makes me feel like Mary Poppins for a mere second, small bags is my thing and they manage to fit plenty of things minus the bulk ! As I tend to lug quite a lot of items while carrying a bigger bag!
جنطتج شنو تكفي ؟ هذا السؤال اللي دايما ينطرح علي خصوصا لاني احب الجناط الصغيرة اكثر لانها مرتبه  وتكفي الاحتياجات الضروريه بدون حوسة . ولما احط اغراضي بجنطه عودة الاقي نفسي اكود اغراض بدون هدف
Items in my bag :
1. Dettol Wipes.
2. Compact Powder.
3. Strong Mints.
4. Kiehls Hand Salve.
5. Dior Lipglow.
6. Card Holder.
7. Car Key.


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