March 14, 2017

Three Things

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I keep on pushing back the Three Things post for a while now, but no more slacking since these small things has a huge impact on my daily life.
The beginning of this year been up to a good start but now three months after I'm not really sure, it feels like suddenly all of the things I love and adore are becoming rather mundane .
صارلي فترة ماكتبت عن الثلاث اشياء اللي حابتها بالفترة الاخيرة، اهيا اشياء صغيرة بس لها تأثير كبير على يومي ومجرى حياتي بشكل عام .  بداية السنة كانت مشرقة بس الحين بعد ثلاث شهور من بدت متلدد من هالناحية، في نواحي وايد كنت احبها واقدسها حاليا قاعد تمر مرور الكرام بدون زهوة او طعم 
 Lady perfume for LadyB how perfect, looking at it makes me smile it has a faint powdery smell quite refreshing and reminds me of fresh bed linens..

Brunch at Table Otto 

A breakfast to catch up with my dear friend, we used to dine out every single week but how things have changed the past year with her marriage and her mother sudden illness. I'm glad we had a breather to enjoy a meal and recount the old days.

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  1. That meal looks really delicious, I used to catch up with friends over brunch really often as well but I haven't at all lately. This post reminds me to reach out and organise something!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode


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