January 30, 2017

On Blogging : 6 Years


This weekend marks 6 years since I've started the blog, can't deny that last been rather tough but I've managed to pull through. And a lot of great opportunities came my way that I only dreamed of.

هالويكند مر عالبلوق 6 سنوات ، السنة اللي فاتت كانت من اصعب السنوات عالصعيد الشخصي بس فتحتلي الباب لفرص كنت احلم فيما وما اكنت اظن بيوم انها بتحقق

Outfit Details :


1 comment

  1. Cheers!Auguri!...Your Blog is a great Gallery of Art...as...every outfits of yours is a super charming,breathtaking Work of Art!...


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