February 01, 2016

Three Things

borrowed and blue by emily griffin
Borrowed and Blue by Emily Griffin
 A hearty chick-lit read that I've  managed to finish within' two weeks, two book combined in one and highly entertaining ..
رواية نوعا ما طويلة ومقسمة لي جزئين قضيت فيها اسبوعين اقراها و جدا استمتعت

Fashion Fair Chocolate Raspberry Collection
Fashion Fair Chocolae Raspberry Collection
Fashion Fair gorgeous lip kit " Chocolate Raspberry" lipstick, lipliner and lipgloss..
Experimenting with their gorgeous shades of lipsticks is definitely a new turf for me, but it's quite nice it's long lasting and compliments my complexion perfectly .

Zia Artisnal Candles
Zia Artisnal Candles
Gorgeous local made candles by Zia, such a unique piece of decoration and it would make an excellent gift choice.
وايد أحب الشموع وهذا البزنس " زيا" دزولي من شموعهم هدية و الصراحة شغلهم متميز و ماتخليت انه عندنا شي محلي يكون بهالجمال والدقة
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  1. Like the last photo :)
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    Maria V.


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