September 29, 2015

Food for Thought : Alone in the kitchen with an Eggplant

Alone in The Kitchen with an Eggplant, Edited by Jenni Ferrari Adler
"Eating, afterall is a matter of taste, and taste cannot always be good taste. The very thought of maintaining high standards meals after meal is exhausting "
Ann Patchett - Page 28
I simply had to pick up this book after seeing it on Cup of Jo Blog, it got lost in the mail and first then took it sweet time to finally arrive..
What's so intriguing about this book, the act of dining solo for myself I found the thought quite scary to begin with. I sure hate to admit that I'm a bit of a fussy eater, I hate take outs unless it's pizza and during the times my mother is away I'd be starving myself until she's back because I don't enjoy eating by myself..
Until few years back when I first started my job in retail, I was training in London and had an hour lunch break which at the beginning I pretended it didn't exist but it became more tolerable whenever I brought along a book . Anyways, it's great collection of essays and recipes of what people fancy to eat whenever they find themselves on their own. Perhaps my spaghetti marinara topped with a poached eggs sounds not so bad afterall..
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