July 04, 2015

Three Things

Nescafe Arabia collaboration with Fyunka

July seems a bit fast paced for my liking, there's barely enough time to sleep ~!
Anyways since it's Ramadan and those super adorable coffee cups by Nescafe Arabia in collaboration with Fyunka by Alaa Balkhy 

Frank Body Coffee Scrub in coconut & chocolate

Coffee scrubs seems to be all the rave at the moment, when I first tried the Original formula didn't expect to love it that much ! But turned out great nonetheless, it's quite addictive and works for my face as well..

MaxMara early Eid Shopping
Another excuse to shop would be the upcoming Eid, fell in love with this floral skirt at MaxMara .
Styling it would be a bit challenging but I can be such a sucker for cute things
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