August 10, 2014

Weekly Sugar OD : Violet Boutique


We sometimes plan desserts a week in advance for our weekly gathering, and that what happened with this cake in particular..
The general cravings was " Ice Cream " so we settled for an icecream cake coated generously with candy floss, or Persian Pashmak to be more precise ..

The cake looked too good to be touched, let alone eaten..
The fresh flowers used added a nice touch to the garnish and made everyone whip their phone to snap a picture..

The inner core had three layers of ice cream, Rainbow Sherbet,Cotton Candy & Strawberry and a layer of vanilla sponge cake below..
Also the icecream was coated with a thin layer of white chocolate to avoid getting the candy floss being too soggy..

Violet Boutique
Tel : 90901288
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