July 29, 2014

New Purchase : Miu Miu Cat Eyes


When it comes in sunglasses I usually buy them without a second thought but the last few times I've received really nice ones as gift so shifted my shopping towards something else but it's been almost a year since I last got a pair so that's a good excuse to buy new sunnies no ?
Anyways I've had few idea's of what I want that I musn't buy anything with black frames something in shades of brown or tortoiseshell for a change and I'm slightly shifting away from bug size sunnies which usually covers half of my face * for convenient reasons *

I had a quick catchup for coffee this weekend so I passed by Miu Miu before leaving and you know these kinda outings where you are wearing not so comfortable shoes so you enter whatever shop on the way pretending to look around when you are trying to figure out where's the nearest chair ?
Yup, that's what happened so after having a seat for good 10 mins couldn't help not noticing Miu Miu new collection of sunglasses by the cash desk ..

And Voila !
Perfect match of what I had in mind, it's perfect cut cateye frame and perfect tortoiseshell just like I had in mind. And it looks nice with my Hijab on so it doesn't stick out awkwardly on the sides which is a plus point

عيزت وانا ادور نظارة مثل اللي في بالي ،  ابي شي باطار بني و بنفس الوقت مايكون شكلها بارز من جنب الحجاب هذي مشكله لانه احب اشد حجابي عدل فمنظر طرف النظارة واهوا طالع من الاجناب شوي مو حلو 
قصة النظارة " عيون القطة " وتغيير عن الحجم الكبير اللي بالعادة البسه  ، اللنك حق اللي بيطلب  موجود فوق بس انا اخذتها من بوتيك " ميو ميو" في برستيج ،الافنيوز 

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  1. But why did you remove the list of blogs on the side? It was so useful. Please return it!

    1. Hello Dear,
      Thank you for commenting, unfortunately it felt a bit out of place with my current facelift ..
      I didn't really think any one would actually bother with the blogroll as well..

    2. its so useful i really have missed it!


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