June 11, 2014

Dine In : Qbara

Qbara is a must if you are visiting Dubai, I made a reservation as soon as touched down so ensure to do so if you fancy a contemporary Morrocan cuisine..
The dining experience is rich among all aspects, food wise and completed with an  exquisite atmosphere..

We proceeded with appetizers and the menu is quite big so might require assistance in choosing your food for the night. Also since we were a party of four that allowed me to order plenty of dishes to share and the portion is quite moderate..
Saffron chicken skewers, well seasoned and tasty something I'd call safe but not out of this world..

Burrata Salad

For me Burrata cheese isn't something I'm very keen on but I guess after trying really good ones and not very good ones now makes me appreciate the fine taste I've tried at Qbara so if you are a fan I'd highly recommend you try it. Its soft and buttery with a side of heirloom tomato.

Duck Fat Batatta Harra 
Well I've never tried such thing but the waiter insisted and I'm glad I did, as it was nice and crispy from the as you bite into it but quite soft from the inside. Generously seasoned with red chili and this was gone in 5 minutes flat 

Chicken Livers

Pan fried chicken livers, nice and simple.

Quinoa Salad

With quinoa being the "IT" thing lately so the addition of this salad to the menu was interesting it was seasoned with Oregano and Balsamic vinegar. 

Spicy Lamb Cutlets 

This is something I would advise you not to share, it was delicious.
The meat was perfectly cooked, soft and tender and the minted labneh on the side was a great choice.

Tiger Prawns
With preserved lemon and saffron butter, excellent and light..

Milk & Honey

 Greek Yogurt, Sumac Pannacotta & Safrron Pashmak
Pashmak is the Persian word for fairy floss or candy floss, it was soft and gooey, crunchy at some part as each part carried a different taste if you fancy surprises and un-usual flavours then this desserts is your perfect happy ending..



  1. Noted! because in september I will be in dubai for a long weekend! thanks!
    Bonjourchiara Facebook Page

    1. Try tom and serge for breakfast or brunch as well..


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