May 14, 2014

Daily Fix : Blogs from Kuwait

So while catching up with a friend for breakfast, she asked me a very interesting question . What would be the 5 blogs that I browse daily while sipping my morning coffee. Summing it up was a bit hard but as I have observed it went down to 4 blogs that I get my daily fix from :
Fashion fix with a Kuwaiti flavour, her written content is un matched and on a personal level it taught me a lot.
Great visual fix, witty sense of humour, and I love her fashion picks.
3. 248 AM
Mark's blog remains among the best, for first digs, diverse and well written.
I only started following this blog probably a year ago, well informed specially gadget wise and great visual content.


1 comment

  1. I love this list because since I moved in ME I always check for new bloggers in this area! I will check all of these :)
    xoxo from Qatar
    Bonjourchiara Facebook Page


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