April 17, 2014

Weekly Sugar OD: Lilac Cheesecake


My friend reccomended this cheesecake from a local business concept called The Cheezery,  their mainly focused in making different kinds of cheesecake..
I went for the Lilac Cheesecake since the name sounds tempting and who would say no to desserts infused with flowers !

صديقتي مدحتلي بزنس محلي اسمه ذا جيزيري ، الكونسبت من وراه انه يركز على انواع مختلفة من الجيز كيك..
النوع اليديد اللي مسوينه اهوا الجيز كيك بطعم 

The crust itself is infused with Lilac flavour, very light and fragrant, then there's a layer of fluffy cream topped of with the crunchy noodles on top, silvered pistachio and rose petals..
The cheese cake came with additional sweet syrup to be sprinkled on top..
الطبقة اللي تحت مطعمة بالورد وفوقها طبقه مثل الكريمة انا حسيت طعمها مايل للمهلبية وبعدين فوقها شعريه محمرة، فستق و ورد مجفف ومعاها كان شيرة عشان تنصب فوقها 

It was divine, perfect fusion of East meets west and a great crowd pleasure..
So prepare a shot of Arabic coffee and Enjoy !

The Cheezery
Tel : 97779486


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