March 13, 2014

Dine in : Katsuya by Starck

Katsuya by Starck is one of the latest restaurants to open in The Avenues
A Japanese restaurant with a modern twist, I've went there twice already and every time I order and try something new and interesting..

Roses in Bloom

Started off my meal witha refreshing drink,  called Roses in Bloom
which consisted of Crushed grapes finished with rose water. I expected a more fragrant drink but it tasted like a mojito with a whiff of rose water. 

Crab & Mozarella Tempura
For starters I got two things, edmame with spicy sauce which I highly reccomend because the accompanying sauce was different to what I'm used to, no where near the mayo based sauces served around Japanese restaurants here it was light and spicy..
The second appetizer was Crab and Mozarella Tempura , so instead of the usual mozarella sticks this came with kani very light and delicious to be dipped in a light soy sauce. This must be consumed immediately before the cheese gets cold !

SCC Roll
For rolls I only managed to try one which was the SSC Roll
Sautéed shrimp with asparagus and mushrooms over a California roll. I would have rathered to order something a little more creative but my friend doesn't eat anything raw. so If you want something safe then that's a good choice.

Shrimp Croquette Sliders

Another rather safe option was Shrimp Croquette Sliders
Panko-crusted shrimp gratin with cabbage slaw, sweet-hot mustard and
tonkatsu sauce. The buns were so soft as if biting into a marshmallow which tasted pretty well with the crispy shrimps.

Japanese Mushroom Bop
Mushroom Bop had a great mixture of all sorts of mushroom sizzling rice hot pot  sweet soy bop sauce. Very nice and I ordered Shrimp teppan to go along..

Japanese Mushroom Bop

This Dish is great for sharing since they scoop it out in small bowls, the mushroom was very buttery in texture and complimented the dish very well..

Double Chocolate Lava Cake
The happy ending was Chocolate Lava Cake, molten chocolate cake garnished with salted caramel and crème Anglaise served with vanilla icecream. Very rich in taste and ideal with a shot of espresso.
Enjoy your weekend everyone !

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