December 19, 2013

Weekly Sugar OD : Rosa Cake

So my weekly sugar OD posts are back due to popular demand. This week choice is Rosa Cake by Cucinare Bakery.
Layers of pistachio sponge cake with rose water filling, the cake colours is so nice and everyone in the gathering grabbed their phones to snap pictures.
واخيرا بوست حلو الاسبوع رجع ، هالاسبوع اخترنا روزا كيك من كوشناري بيكري. واللي اهيا طبقات من كيك الفستق مع كريمة ماي الورد.
شكل الكيكة خيال , ا لزوارة كلها طلعت تلفوناتها تصور

Aside from the presentation that lead us to the taste which is the most important factor, the pistachio cake was quite tasty and had bits of the nuts..

وغير الشكل يظل الطعم اهوا الاهم, كيكة الفستق كانت طيبة وترفة وفيها قطع صغيرة من الفستق

However, the rose water cream was quite fragrant and flavourful however I thought it was somewhat to heavy I would have rather if it was fluffier and lighter in texture wise to compliment the cake perfectly..

كريمة ماي الورد كانت ريحتها خيال وطعمها حلو بس حسيتها نوعا ما ثقيلة كان يمكن تكون افضل لو انها اخف واطرى من جذي 

My suggestion would be to keep it cool and refrigerated until serving time but since it arrive a bit on the last minute so we had to serve immediately. The cake was sprinkled with bits of hard candy on top to give it a bit of a crunch but I'm not sure about the flavour but each one had a different opinion about the flavour whether it's saffron or orange or perhaps simply sweet candy..

اقتراحي انها تنحط بالثلاجة بسرعة قبل التقديم بساعة يطلع طعمها احلى بس لانها وصلت حدة حدة ماقدرنا نسوي جذي والكيكة ناثرين فوقها قطع حلاو ماني متاكدة من النكهة انا اقول زعفران وغيري يقول برتقال وقالوا شكلها بس حلاو عادي





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