July 20, 2013

New Purchase : JF Scarves

My excessive shopping for head scarves is something I cannot control, its just like a pair of shoes which might make or break an outfit..
When it comes to JF Scarves ,I think her brand is a wardrobe stable for a muhajaba..
Just like having a Chanel a bag or a pair of loubies I think it's a must have to include this brand among the rest..

Latest scarves she designed were amazing, it was hard to contain myself and narrow my choices to get three scarves only..

Coral Reef, gorgeous summer colours which can stand out by itself or compliment a simple outfit..

Cobalt blue, scattered designs featuring pretty shades of blue and the scarf is actually navy blue and works perfectly with the rhinestones .. Blue been dominating my closet lately..

And a wardrobe stable is beige, went for a dark / gold shade with pearls and light peach crystals since I wear beige and nude colours a lot so couldn't do without getting myself a new one..

You may find JF Scarves at 
Pop Up Boutique, 360 

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