May 26, 2013

Afternoon Tea with Zoya

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting Zoya, the lady behind the infamous nail polish brand..
The Russain couple who immigrated to the United States, who started off as a strictly family business along with their two sons and their wives.. Combined their love for colours, marketing and beautiful things..
Zoya originally was a pianist who took her passion a bit further since she wanted something to look at while she's performing..

" Nails care used to be strictly kept clean and neat, but we took it further by giving it a variety of colours and proudly Zoy'a produces over 300 colours "

Zoya's husbands, (Michael) a chemist who managed to develop the nail polish formula to be toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin and DBP free..
We also got to view closely the upcoming Fall and Winter collection which should be out very soon and an important fact which he mentioned that Zoya's formula is breathable which enables the nails to breath while being coated by nailpolish . I rarely wear nailpolish due to religious reasons since it's a hassle to remove for every prayers but it makes me wonder if this fact is applicable and wearing Zoya's nail polish wouldn't clog the pores of the nails to apply ablution ?

Razza, presented Zoya with a portrait which she stroked with the nail shades she uses from the brand.
She came to mention that before she developed some sort of an allergy which she couldn't identify, while consulting with a dermatologist she came to know that nail polish toxins was the cause of the allergy..
So once she made the switch to Zoya's she never had an allergic re-actions due to it toxins free formula.. 


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