March 17, 2013

Soft Opening : The Scrub Shop

Since most the things I feature here, falls under the fashion category this time I'm  posting about medical fashion ? That counts as well, no?
Anyways the latest in K-town is The Scrub Shop, covering all medical needs and accessories for people involved in the medical field..
The Dynamic Duo behind the business, Shaima Behbehani & Dr. Yousef Al-Muhanna

معظم الاشياء اللي اكتب عنها لها علاقة بالفاشن ، هالمرة قررت احط بوست  غير شوي او نقدر نسميه الفاشن الطبي؟
المهم امس حضرت افتتاح محل 
" The Scrub Shop"
المحل مختص بكل الاحتياجات الطبية واكسسواراتها وخصوصا العاملين في المجال الطبي
هالمحل ثمرة ابتكار شيماء بهباني ويوسف المهنا

The scrubs, which is the standing point of the shop is available in all colours of the rainbow to satisfy all tastes and a wide range of sizes available as well..
"السكربز" وهي الشي الاساسي في المحل موفرينا بكل الالوان اللي تخطر على البال وكل القياسات موجودة

Scrubs have started in their green colour but evolved within' the year to  many colours as seen above..
And they provide long sleeves ones as well, along with altering services to length..
اول مابدت "السكربز" كان لونها اخضر بس خلال السنين تطورت لي الوان ثانية 
وفروا منها الجم الطويل بعد حق المتحجبات و خدمة التصليح

The added fun accessories on the side for their non doctor customers, like mugs, hoodies, pens, and teddy bears..
As well as medical necessities, as hip clips, surgical caps, & measuring tapes..
اضافوا للمحل اشياء تنفع حق هدايا مثل الاقلام، اكواب ، جاكيتات و العاب

Those baby clothes are to die for, super cute no?
ملابس اطفال حدها تشوق 

The Scrub Shop 
Medical Apparel & Accessories
Al-Ghawali Mall
Sharq, Alshuhadaa Street
Tel: 22320777


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