Friday, June 29, 2012

Limelight Catalog

I've meant to blog about Limelight catalog for quite a while now, but you know how life gets busy and I totally forget about it ..
So anyways that's the third issue of the catalog, which I may call it a mini lookbook or magazine rather than a catalog since it had intresting story lines and a concentrated focus on latest trends and designs which Limelight have in store already for client  in Kuwait ..
Limelight is the sister company of the infamous Al-Ostoura multi brands impire, but I think Limelight feature a slightlty younger approach than the latter.

Brand Buzz
Featuring their latest accessories collection from Le Nereides quirky jewelry giving a brief description about the brand itself and highlighting the interesting pieces they have..

Top Trend
Lime colour, selecting  different items  wither its a pair of pants, a dress, or a handbag from different brands which limelight house under one roof !

Star Style
Focusing on celebrities styles such as Olivia Palermo *heart* , Selena Gomez & Beyonce
and offering subtitutes from other brands to inspire clients to shop the same style

Buyer's Picks
Focusing on an array of summer coats for this issue and what I really liked that they offered a wide selection from each brand, where to find it from all Limelight branches and its price in Kuwaiti Dinar

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ted Baker: Melody of Prints

I was browsing Asos last week and admiring what Ted Baker had to offer but the biggest surprise was that the store actually carried most of the new collection!
 The collection is mostly delicate and soft materials with colourful prints, the silk panel t-shirt above would look nice with a maxi skirt and a yellow blazer if you're a muhajaba !

Bird print dress still going strong airy and light for our summer days, and yet can be muhajaba friendly paired with coloured jeans, perhaps pastel yellow? and for some reason I don't know why I thought it could be maternity friendly as well?

Another bird print piece, an asymmetrical cardigan with an added print factor at the pack to spice up your denim perhaps?


Printed pleated maxi skirt, wow now that's a long description !
it had windows print at the bottom so thats print plus pastel plus pleats so many things on trend in one piece and had a little leather fastening belt on the side can work with a shirt or a blouse tucked inside to give it a chic look , I think there was a top as well that carried the same print as well if you fancied the print but not into maxi skirts !

Birthday Dinner at Napket

Few weeks back, I had a little birthday dinner at Napket with a group of my friends so if you can wish me a belated Happy Birthday if you haven't done so yet ! lol
Anyways the dinner was kindly provided by Napket owner and our lovely host for the night who's picture you're seeing above ! And if you haven't visited the Napket at Sanabel Al-Babtain tower then I suggest you do, at some point during the dinner we were planning how to smuggle the gorgeous chandelier that decorated the place !

First course, Green Salad which was fresh but lacked dressing and was loaded with onions so perfect cure for flu !

Laialy surprised me wearing Addicted little tweed jacket t-shirt <3

First appetizer, grilled chicken which one my friends described as a ceaser salad on a skewer but didn't try it myself !

Anfal rocking pastels and looking like a scrumptious marshmallow <3

Breaded shrimps with ginger cherry dip, I'm craving this right now !

Some shoulder & rings party, Love the top designed by Mashael Al-Mutawa

Penne Arabiatta, tasty and spicy !
Just perfect for a non risks taker !

Qandula's cute top, loved the way it gathered around her waist; very delicate detailing 

The happy ending, killer M Cake which I have featured before as well it's an absolute must if you need a strong fix of chocolate ! It's rich, dark and full of flavour !

Shoulder's zippers spotted on Haya <3
Thanks to everyone who made it, I had a wonderful night and most of all a festive week loaded with lovely dinners from friends and family !

Exclusive Bloggers Event at Sunflower Beauty Center

Sunflower Beauty Center owner, Athba was kind enough to invite me to an exclusive event to see for myself the services they provide. Frankly speaking I'm a bit skeptic when it comes to mani's & pedi's so I had mixed feelings but seeing is believein' I suppose !

Upon taking my first step into the, the welcoming aroma was mesmerizing and so applies to the overall atmosphere.
The had a huge selection of treatments to choose from, so I opted for a quick mani ..

 BCL Organic treatments, dead sea salt, sugar scrub, and moisture mask..

What I loved as well that at Sunflower that they offered a wide selection of nail polish, not the usual cuppa tea of Essie, Opi they also offered the latest from Chanel, Isadora and Little Bu which is suitable for little girls since it's toxic free and washable * note to self, buy it for niece*

Hair treatment area, all done organically at the center Athba mentioned as well that their start was only for home services but now they managed to expand and have a place for their own besides offering home services as well which even expands to Al-Jahra too.

We munched around on delicious snacks which varied from Madame Sucre' cupcakes, Saroosha Cookie's *Nutella and Cadbury ones were to die forrrr*

  & refreshing drinks from Yoni Bar * Lady Shifa was my pick*

Nafnoof from Rannouf blog, I couldn't help not snapping a picture of her Chanel Manicure and she adorned her ring finger with the latest Ciate Caviar manicure which was my cue to go for the same option as well !

My mani for the day, since my nails keep on chipping I opted to trim them short, Essie borrowed and blue my current favourite and Ciate Caviar on my ring finger as well !

Sunflower Beauty Center
Jabriya, Block 1A, Street 6, Building 86, 2nd floor
Tel.: 25322126 – 55695000

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sunday, June 24, 2012

DIY : Neon Necklace !

Image Via A Girl, A Style

B from A Girl, A Style blog demonstrated an easy DIY tutrial to make a neon necklace using nail polish and a simple rhinestone necklace from H&M.
طريقة سهلة نسوي فيها عقد فسفوري نقلتها من وحدة من البلوقات الاجنبية اللي اتابعها استخدمت فيها صبغ اظافر فسفوري  وعقد شاريته من اتش اند ام.

I saw soo many from simillar necklaces at H&M and Forever 21 which can be perfect to commit this DIY, super easy and very budget friendly somewhat reminds me of Tom Binns necklaces !
وايد شفت سلاسل تشابه اللي اهيا سوته سواء في اتش اند ام او فوريفر 21 ويصلحون حق هالفكرة وايد يذكروني بتصاميم توم بينز لانه السلاسل اللي يسويها وايد تطغي عليها الالوان الفسفورية

On the same note, doesn't my Forever 21 necklace looks so simillar? I got it two months back during an impulse since I'm not a big fan of neons but it's alot brighter in real !

مو يشابه سلسلتي اللي شريتها من فوريفر 21 ؟ خذيتها قبل شهرين وايد شوقتني مع اني كلش مو من ربع الفسفوري بس شكلها وايد ناعم و فاقع اكثر بالصج مادري ليش بالصورة مو مبين

Exciting Online Shopping News @AlOstoura

Shop here

Saturday, June 23, 2012

J.closet Ramadan Exhibition

Don't miss J.Closet by Jana Al Shaya
 New collection of Summer & Modern Ramadhan Kaftans
At Al Tilal complex in front of November bakery
Sunday 24/6 from 10 am - 10 pm.
Instagram @jcloset
Mobile : 99422388

Friday, June 22, 2012

Just In : Bundled in Cream

 Mum just came came back from Makkah and got me a selection of veils, since you know its not only we have to update our wardrobes with clothes, shoes and accessories another added factor to have on board is " Veils" my favourite fabric is crepe chiffon .. I might bling them up a bit later by adding pearls or some ribbons to match my outfits..
الماما توها رجعت من العمرة بالسلامة ، ويابتلي ملافع صوغة وياها واكيد كل متحجبة بمكاني انه كل فصل مو بس نجدد ملابسنا واكسسواراتنا بس الاهم اهوا الحجاب او الملافع في حالتي.. كل اللي يابتهم امي موديلهم سادة فاتوقع اني راح ازيد عليهم لولو او شرايط عشان البقهم مع ملابسي بعدين 

I used to be the kind a girl that would only wear dark colours, mostly black, navy blue, brown and charcoal grey but something changed the last couple of years and I began to wear white , cream and beige.. I still can't bring myself to wear cotton/jersey ones though, can't put my finger on the reason why so don't ask !

قبل جم سنة ماكنت اتجرأ البس شيلة الوانها فاتحة الغالبية كان الوان غامجة اسود كحلي وبني ورمادي غامج بس مادري شصار وتشجعت البس شيلة بيضة وبيج و اوف وايت بس للحين مالبس الشيلات القطن اللي هابين فيها هاليومين لاتسئلوني ليش !

Thank you mama for the wonderful gift, it sure came at the right time !
مشكورة ماما هالصوغة الحلوة يت في وقتها 

Food for Thought : I Still Dream About you

 " Good taste doesn't cost a dime, but if you don't have it, you can't buy it for a million dollars," P.96

Maggie, former Miss Alabama who thinks her life is useless and plans thouroughly to end her life but when she's just about to do so unexpected things happens which makes her rethink her desicion and her life takes a different turn to her own surprise..

I was giggling at some parts of the book, it had witt and interesting facts regarding real estate of you're interested but most of all I enjoyed it..

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Window Shopping : Here & There

Strolling around highstreet shops around The Avenues to check what's new,  my first stop was at H&M  I found another eyelet collar in light turqouise good to spice simple summer dresses..

Detachable sequin collar was attached to a cotton light weight peplum shirt, might goes nice with a tribal print pants..

Loved the diamante' shoulder details on a simple light pink t-shirt, it had a loose fit which could work well with boyfriend jeans or maybe flares?

The second stop was at Topshop, they had serious discounts something you shouldn't really miss for example this Hawaiian print  Maarten Van Der Horst blazer which was 75 KD now it's for 25 KD

Lightweight printed pants in royal blue, I don't know why it looks navy blue in the picture but the print is actually bolder in real for some reason I pictured it teamed up with an orange blazer !

My 3rd and last stop was at Oasis, since peplum is here to stay this top  which had bird print and a little Miu Miu vibe to it and the cute collar detail. I'm thinking about pairing it up with a pair of polka dot pants I got from Topshop a while ago !

The last thing the attracted my attention was this micro polka dots blazer in black and black white which would look cute paired with a royal blue or maybe pink cropped pants perhaps?

So what's everyone thoughts about my picks? and Enjoy the weekend y'all !


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