June 28, 2012

Birthday Dinner at Napket

Few weeks back, I had a little birthday dinner at Napket with a group of my friends so if you can wish me a belated Happy Birthday if you haven't done so yet ! lol
Anyways the dinner was kindly provided by Napket owner and our lovely host for the night who's picture you're seeing above ! And if you haven't visited the Napket at Sanabel Al-Babtain tower then I suggest you do, at some point during the dinner we were planning how to smuggle the gorgeous chandelier that decorated the place !

First course, Green Salad which was fresh but lacked dressing and was loaded with onions so perfect cure for flu !

Laialy surprised me wearing Addicted little tweed jacket t-shirt <3

First appetizer, grilled chicken which one my friends described as a ceaser salad on a skewer but didn't try it myself !

Anfal rocking pastels and looking like a scrumptious marshmallow <3

Breaded shrimps with ginger cherry dip, I'm craving this right now !

Some shoulder & rings party, Love the top designed by Mashael Al-Mutawa

Penne Arabiatta, tasty and spicy !
Just perfect for a non risks taker !

Qandula's cute top, loved the way it gathered around her waist; very delicate detailing 

The happy ending, killer M Cake which I have featured before as well it's an absolute must if you need a strong fix of chocolate ! It's rich, dark and full of flavour !

Shoulder's zippers spotted on Haya <3
Thanks to everyone who made it, I had a wonderful night and most of all a festive week loaded with lovely dinners from friends and family !


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