Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Picks from FashCode

Passed by Fashcode to check out what's new, and as usual there's always something interesting to shop and try on..
Since I'm a sucker for blazers, I loved this Camilla and Marc printed blazer if you are feeling fierce red jeans would do !
It somewhat reminds me of Dolce  & Gabbana latest collection, have you noticed the chili peppers ?

This Sass & Bide blazer got me thinking about countless ways to style it, can go with a skirt or yellow pants or even a dress !
The cut was really flattering as well !

Loved this sheer top by Mara Hoffman, longer from the back and pretty colourful might even work as a beach wrap no?

This top looked simple from afar, but upclose had so much character can spice up even a pair of jeans !
The cute tiny bow on the shoulder added a nice touch as well, too bad I can't recall the designer's name..

More on the party-ish side, lilac lace dress with contrasting neon slip which is way brighter in real looks so fitting for summer parties..
The tiered ruffle at one side of the dress skirt was darling..

If you fancy a bit of a bling, then look no further this Iro dress can make a statement by itself..
Team it with nude heels and you're good to go !

Finally, since studs are here to stay Aila have stepped up their game with bow clutches as far as I recall they had many other colours and sizes as well..

I Must Confess, I'm Obsessed ..

With Prints.. 

Sonia Rykiel

 Paul & Joe

 Paul Smith



Monday, May 28, 2012

Coco Cream by T-shirt Policy

 "COCO CREAM" T-shirt comes in white, with a coloured ice-cream print which is digitally printed in the centre front of the t-shirt. We have also launched our limited edition in these tees, which are all hand studded using clear Swarovski crystals, Red Crystals & Gold nailhead studs.

Now that's one cute summery t-shirt, I wonder if the ice-cream scoop comes in other colours as well, like blue perhaps?
Did I mention that my birthday is soon? lol

Available at Lollipop Boutique
Villa Karizma, Sharq

T-shirt Policy

Outfit of the Day : Pink Rose

I fell in love with these pants the minute I spotted them on Topshop website, lucky for me I managed to find them at our local Topshop and snatch them with a heart beat !
So  many ways to style them and their so light and airy, I can't wait to dress them up for another occasion/ outing..

Jacket & Trousers : Topshop
Top: Zara
Shoes : Repetto
Handbag : Vintage Chanel
Necklace : Forever 21

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sneak Peek: Addicted by LadyB Summer Collection !

Did a mini photoshoot for my coming soon summer collection of t-shirts, and guess what who's the model this time?
It's no other than the gorgeous Amani from Amani Home Blog <3

It wasn't a smooth task to do, but things fell into place eventually !
Thanks alot darling, I owe you lots and not to forget my lovely friend Tota who helped in styling Amani !

This is the first collection that I took risk in colours, since I only did black, white & grey before but nothing as bold as this !
The preparing process is taking forever as well, since most of the details are done by my own hand and the cherry on top was that I had to change my retailer so before even starting making the t-shirts right away a little bit of expirementing had to be done..
Such as : washing and dry cleaning the t-shirts and make sure it doesn't shrink and that the colours stay put even after printing !

The background suited the theme perfectly, the lovely flower ornaments decorating the wall are actually made of cardboards !
Who would have guessed ?

Coming soon to Fortune Cookie Boutique
Olympia Mall

Time for Breakfast !

I've been craving Halloumi cheese skewers for quite a while now, since it's super easy to prepare and takes hardly no effort to make . I assembled a selection of veggies that I thought would go nice with the cheese; tomato, bell pepper, & mushrooms..
Just make sure to soak the skewers a bit beforehand..

I brushed the skewers with home-made pesto, I followed Um-3azuz pesto recipe which turned out super delicious ! You can find it here
The cheese I used was already sliced so chopping them into cubes wasn't hard, and I noticed that Low-fat cheese melts faster than full fat one so within 2 minutes the cheese was oozing all over the place !

A breakfast can't be completed without a cuppa white tea and slices of brown toast shared with my lovely mother <3

Any other breakfast dishes you like?
Do share!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Afropolitan by Marella

African mood, contemporary and metropolitan style!
A jewels project originated by Marella cooperation with the italian designer Martina Grasselli, creator of the jewellery brand Coliac and recently reported among the emerging italian Vogue talents.

 Very bold pieces of jewelry, if you wanna make a statment without being too much !
 It could spice up any simple outfit and pick it up a notch without breaking a sweat !

Available now at Marella
The Avenues

Take II : Christian Lacroix for Desigual

Apparently the collaboration of Christian Lacroix & Desigual is still going strong and so is my obesssion with printed pants..
Spotted this interesting pair of pants at their shop at 360 Mall

For our scalding hot weather, light materials are perfect substitute to heavy denim and who would say no to sporting summery colours.

This pants can be easily styled up or down, you can go for a simply tshirt tucked in for the day or an asymmetrical top if you are muhajababe. Can be worn with a fancy shirt, a blazer and a fancy necklace for night time !

Price Tag : 51.900 KD

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Addicted by LadyB at S*uce

Good news to my followers from UAE, you can finally get your hands on my latest collection 
Available at S*uce Boutique

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Outfit of the Day: Flower Vase

First, Excuse my un painted-nails and the dim lightening of the location didn't help at all !
Other than that, I'm warning you guys you'll gonna see alot of these jeans since my plan for summer is to abuse them ! Same applies to the cream blazer but with other outfits as well !
Notice my tiny tip ring? I got it custom made using the cameo's I've been collecting for the past two years ! Just now I came around using them tell me how do you like them? That's an initial try out but I will expirement with different designs soon !

And yes I know, I'm terribly short!
If only there's a diet that makes a person grow taller !

Top: Topshop
Shoes: Valentino
Handbag: Balenciaga
Rings: Asos & Custom Made
Brooch: Chanel

Friday, May 18, 2012

Oasis, I'm IMPRESSED !

Remember my previous post about Oasis maxi skirts,  this week I casually passed by and this maxi skirt caught my attention !

Love the combination of turqouise and ivory pleated skirt and the styling with the flowery top was simply perfect I couldnt imagine an ivory blazer on top and muhajaba friendly outfit is ready !

Spotted at The Avenues 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Weekly Sugar OD : Ladurée

Last week it was baby girl birthday, so we had a mini celebration to celebrate the little princess <3
Anyways, I opted for Ladurée Marie Antoinette cake with chocolate praline as a filling flavour !
I loved how it was neatly packaged in heat proof container ..

The sales-lady description that it tastes just like ferrero rocher, my input would be it tastes more like KDD Lulu icecream but the difference that it had a light layer of wafer to compliment the taste <3
Highly reccomended !

Fancy a bite?

360 Mall
Tel: 25309668

Thank You Zafaf Magazine

Last week I have recieved this neatly packed pacakage from Zafaf Magazine with a handwritted note signed by Mirna <3
The magazine didn't come solo, it came with a uniquely packaged set of perfumes by Saja ..

The set had the following : Oud Flower, Purell & Black Oud and the first one is my current favourite..
It's not my first time to sample saja perfumes as I was introduced through a friend to their creations and Khanfaroosh Mother's Day Package had a custom design perfume specially made for this occasion..
You can find it at Omniya Mall, Salmiya

Thank you Zafaf Magazine, Saja Perfumes and Mirna for your thoughtful and kind gift <3

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