Friday, March 30, 2012

The Avenues Phase III : Fashion Edition !

 *Picture above taken by Meenakon

  Last weekend, on behalf of ilsul6ana I have attended the unveiling of the soon to be completed Phase III..

During my exploring adventure at The Avenues Phase III, I couldn't help but to notice the lovely attires some of my fellow bloggers were rocking !
Far from the related subject of the visit but I had to make a stand and snap some of the stylish looks I came to like !

The first I came to notice was Alia' Al-Ghunaim, since her fluorescent helmet was hard to neglect !
Too bad the pictures doesn't show how bright it was, which was decorated with butterflies rhinestones from the front as well ! Super CUTE !

Down to minimal accessorising, gold Chanel pendant and a colorful top to match the helmet along with loosely constructed blazer *perfect for our scorching hot weather*

Boyfriend jeans, a pair of converse trainers and Celine most coveted Nano Luggage !
* I die *

Abdullah from the Avenues team as well was wearing a shirt from Marni for H&M collection and a pair of sunglasses as well * sorry no pic* which he paired with beige trousers and brown loafers..

I loved Dudette ripped jeans, as we met up in previous events that's the first time  I see her in practical attire, the grounds wasn't heels friendly at all though !
I think me & her fell in the loop of wearing the wrong shoes for the day :/

That's Meblogging rocking a pose for my cam !

The loveliest Meenakon, that's the first time I get to know her up close and she's such a sweetheart
I loved how she paired up blush tones with a mustard yellow tote, the details of her outfit and accessories were super cute !

That's me from Above, wearing the worst choice of flats for the day..
I'm still recovering an annoying blister *cries*

Anyways I opted for my yellow chino's since I didn't want to sweep the ground with the hem of my pants & also to match the helmet you know , a loose top from Asos, a bib necklace from Vanina & my trusted oversized Mulberry Alexa..

Thank you ilsul6ana..
Thanks to The Avenues

Weekly Sugar OD

This week a relative have sent this gorgeous looking tree like chocolate with mini chocolate eggs,

I'm guessing egg contains a different filling, I only tried two and they both had rice krispies from the inside..
Was very popular among the kids, they couldn't stop eating it!

Very nice chocolate to be given as a gift !


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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Song of the Day

In our family portrait..
We look pretty happy..
So let's pretend ..
That life goes naturally..

Super old I know, but I can't get it outta my head..

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Brand In Focus: The Puppet Show !

A brand I came to know from the infamous Hunoof  & Zubaida, I was captured by the unique designs, great attention to details and the brand creations didn't stop there even styling un expected garments together that I wouldn't have thought in a million years would match or work !

The Puppet Show

In the Fitting Room : Walkin Closet !

On the same day of my visit to Maki, I thought I'd pop in for a bit in Walkin Closet !
It wasn't actually my idea but my friends Anfal wanted to check their latest collection from Lady Fozaza Blazers, to her luck we only found 3 pieces the ones featured above.. 

That top by Eyedoll caught my attention, it reminds me of the same method I followed in making this pin for National Day..
I fell in love with a pair of pants by Kaal E. Suktae too bad I didn't snap a picture !

That's the blazer Anfal picked out outta Lady Fozaza Collection
it had minimal design and loved the bold shoulders and the silver studs on the collars..

Looked like a perfect match with her Marni for H&M skirt no?
Wait up for two more posts featuring how she styled her Marni finds !

That's me striking a pose!
I looked a perfect match with the decor, I even blend with the overall vibe of the boutique!

Blazer: Stella McCartney
Skirt & Top: Bimba & Lola
Heels: Dorothy Perkins
Handbag & Brooch : Chanel

I loved my friend's Abby handbag, such a bold color from Bimba & Lola as well
I swear I thought it was a Prada
How she teamed it with black & silver was prefect !

Walkin Closet
Burj Jassim, Kuwait City

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Trying out Maki New Menu

Last week I was invited by Maki Restaurant to try out their new additions to the menu..
To be frank it's been ages since I have set a foot in Maki for a reason or another but I convinced myself to give it a try and check out what I'm missing!

The girls & I decided to go the one in Burj Jassim , K-city greeted by the branch manager and staff member we found our tables..
That's the first time I enter this branch as well, I was suprised how big it is !

Our waiter for the night, looks like a ghost in this picture!

We were given Ipads to check out the menu !
I asked the waiter to suggest new dishes, and steer away from the typical stuff since I was confused what to choose !

French Do Bon Mushi Soup
Interesting and light, you first squeeze the lime on the shrimp, shitake & green then pour the clear broth like soup on top ..

Spicy Garlic Edmame
A better option than the typical spicy mayo edmame, I really enjoyed it..

Seuzi Shake Salad
That could be a nice meal by itself , a mix of greens and grilled salmon <3

Maki Duck Salad
I love duck, the mix with greens and pomelo bits was superb and the light dressing really complimented it overall !

Ultimate Shiso Sushi
it's a salad in disguise !
Nice if you want a bite size salad !

Ebi Tempura Bites
the description says it all, its typical but very simple ..
ebi tempura, midori rice, crabsticks topped with wild thyme and a special sweet and spicy sauce

Sazdel Maki
Loved the touch of the torch flamed goat cheese, an excellent roll !

Beetroot Mame Maki
a Veggie roll but a but a bit on the heavy side !

The happy ending of the meal was
 Fantasy Milk Chocolate
It tasted like chocolate creme caramel, stuffed with a moist chocolate cakes and mini marshmallows
heavenly but not too heavy !

Maki Four Ways
Chocolate Lava Cake, white chocolate cheesecake, Vanilla icecream with nuts & coconut surprise!
The coconut was different by my favourite among all four of them !

Burj Jassim
Tel: 22901010

Thanks Mr. Emile & Toufiq 

Kate Spade from New York to Kuwait !

Finally I managed to visit Kate Spade Boutique at 360 Mall, after spotting several posts of her super girly collection on New York Fashion week . I was super excited to give the boutique a visit and check whats new !
Especially that Brad Goerski did the styling for her latest fashion show !

The display itself was very inviting, had a party of it's own goin own !
The pictures and styling had an old days vibe to it !

Loved the touch of the hanged mike upon stepping into the boutique..

I'll share some of the stuff that caught my attention

The powder blue colour of these handbags was lovely as well as the soft leather texture..

Constructed neutral bags with a interesting trim, the trim was more on the fluoroscent side in real and it popped against the beige texture..

Casual cross bags available in a variety of colours..

More on the quircky side, a boat shape clutch
Could double as a piece of decoration ;p

Loved the ruffled detailing on this shirt, noticed something?
That I'm used into cropping heads from my pictures that I cropped the mannquins head as well :/

Summery pattern and a simple design, just perfect for nowadays..

I fell in love with those cute t-shirts pronouncing funny sayings

I imagined this pleated skirt teamed up with the t-shirt saying  "Eat cake for breakfast"
and a pair of mint green ballerina flats for a casually chic look !

A statement necklace, that reminds me of dice that have been stringed together !

For a tech savvy, Iphone covers with Kate Spade touch
very girly and colorful !
They had matching Ipad covers as well!


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