Sunday, January 29, 2012

Amazing Idea : Foot Candy !

Alexander Mcqueen + Lemonheads
Photo Credit Cupcakes & Cashmere

One of the blogs I constantly go back for is Cupcakes & Cashmere, amazing pictures, interior design idea's and mouth watering images aside from her very simple and clean style and fashion !
What's not to love, aside from this awesome idea which literally puts things into perspective since we are ladies are so attached to our beloved shoesies how she mixed between delicious candies and careful picks from her shoe wardrobe to turn into an eye catching post !

Miu Miu + Jelly belly
*My Fave*

Zara + Gummy Peaches & Cherries
The shoes looks good enough to eat !

Marni + Reeses Pieces

Christian Louboutin + Gummy Red and Black Raspberries

I'm really thinking about whipping up sumthing simillar but perhaps rely on sum delicious London Chocolates and rely more on colorful wrappers than candies !

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Blogiversary Giveaway, this time for the guys !

This is part two of my giveaway, Thanks to Faith for providing me with one of her best seller t-shirts 
from her previous collection  !

Vintage camera with an actual strap giving it a 3D effect !
& as I mentioned earlier theres sumthing else coming up too but will keep it as a suprise !

For a chance to win this fabulous t-shirt :
- Follow me on Twitter
- Like LadyB WonderLand on Facebook
- Follow me on Bloglovin'
Finally do The Ketchup Dance *LOL*
Oh no just kidding but leave me a comment with your email and tell me how would you wear it?

Best of Luck Guys !

Weekly Sugar OD

The Confectioners mouth watering Strawberries !
Al-Tilal Complex, Shuwaikh
Tel : 97736445

& The infamous Baking Tray cookies or qooqies according to Mr. Salem !

Thursday, January 26, 2012

LadyB Blogversary GiveAway !

I'm giving away a Chanel T-shirt from my Addicted by LadyB line to one lucky girl !
Btw the t-shirt is sold out, one last piece is featured Size M!
Along with a little surprise which I shall announce later, you got a week to enter !

What to do?

-Leave a comment letting me know where  would you love to wear this t-shirt to?
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-Leave your email in the comment please !
You can only enter once !
Best of luck !
One more giveaway for the guys coming up tomorrow !
*Only Gcc countries are eligible !

LadyB WonderLand Blogiversary !

 Today marks one year since I first opened my blog, and what a year !
Thanks to everyone who have introduced me around the blogsphere, I really appreciate your support !
Thanks for Meblogging for being my source of inspiration, My dear Faith for believing in me and the sweetest Confashions & ilsul6ana for supporting me all the way !

Dear Little Bird Tell, hurry up and come back !
Its been a wonderful year, I had the honour of meeting so many and learning alot..
It feels like a big happy family to me, I feel lost if I don't constantly check each and everyone blog..
I'm not gonna mention everyone as one post won't be enough but thanks to each and everyone of you !

And according to the Lunar calendar today is the beginning of Spring, I know our weather got a mind of it's own and its far from being Spring !
So as usual having a lil' bit of a get together for this occasion, as mom urges the family to put something colorful & new !

Coming up post later today for a giveaway, one for females and another one for the guys just to be fair !
Its gonna be a draw according to simple rules, more details later !


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Spotted at Topshop K-Town !

Spotted Elizabeth Olsen rocking this scarf print jumper at Sundance Film Festival, new trend to watch out for is prints that are usually featured on silky scarves but now its incorporated into other wardrobe
 ensembles !  
Easy to be worn with skinny jeans or skirts with opaque tights !

When I first spotted this jumper at Topshop last weekend, I thought it had a little bit of old school Versace vibes in it !
Available at Topshop , The Avenues !
So what's your take on this trend

Price Tag:
15 KD

Monday, January 23, 2012

Closer Look : Prink Me at Villa Mini Boutiques !

 " Fashion is architecture. It is a matter of proportions
 Coco Chanel

I managed to visit "Prink Me" statement jewelry by Reem Dashti at Villa Mini Boutiques 
& right now I really don't know where to start is the way how she arranged the whole display?
The huge variety of necklaces, rings and bracelets?  or snapping and absorbing every teeny weeny detail of the whole place and collection which were handled with an immecable attention..

Everything carried a whimsical touch, the bird cage , Tree branch ring holder, floral fabric that covered the hangers to carry the pieces..

Notice the tiny cute ballerina on the brooch adorning scarf/ necklace and it can be detached to wear separately, so perfect for Spring?

Melody of colors and an expected chair cameo to decorate the brooch along with flower hardware and pearls <3

This necklace left me in an awe, as the charm like piece in the middle features two different items the 
Chanel-esque chain and the two mutli-colored that can be adjusted to your own liking by tying it as a bow or just leaving it slight loose and can be adjusted to look long or short !

This was one of my personal favourites, I had a hard time deciding to get it or not but my bestie got it so its a win win no?

My choice fell upon this piece I had to get ittt !
So whimsical and got an un-expected twist at the back <3

Quite daring but certainly amazing !

This piece due to popular demand was designed again, and its really different than anything else I'd seen !
C'mon admit it, you've seen a bib necklace with a scissors cameo before? 
I think NOT !

Gorgeous bangle !
Perfect match for my friends outfit !

Couldn't resist not snapping a picture of Reem's own ring !
Little birdie that landed on the accessories branch, she mentioned that there was a gold one but was sold out !

 Publish Post
And the loveliest Reem treated me to a ring of my choice which I loved, being her loyal customer <3
Thanks a lot dear, you sure made my day !

Today is the last day for "Prink Me", don't miss it !


5 to 10 pm 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

BlackBerry Blogger Sneak Peak !

Few days ago I was invited by Bensirri, on behalf of Research In Motion ( RIM)  to an exclusive bloggers event to  showcase and announce the latest additions to BlackBerry World !

Not a gadget freak to admit, but a heavy user of Blackberry didn't want to pass up the chance to get introduced, a little knowledge won't hurt eh?

For a detailed post check out 

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Prink Me !

The magnificent Reem Dashti is back again, displaying a wide selection of handmade statement jewelry!
As I featured her in two previous posts here & here!
Don't miss it !

On January 22nd & 23rd
Time: 5 PM to 10 PM


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tory Burch : The Dark Side !

Was strolling around Soho and having my pick throughout the gorgeous boutiques around the area, but really what stood out was Tory Burch boutique how they had green grass to decorate their windows in contras with the overall orange color of the place, upon stepping in you'd feel as if its Spring already in contrast with the harsh cold outside !

 Even their fitting rooms were adorable, and they passed my test I really avoid stuffy and tight fitting rooms it freaks me out and makes me feel suffocated but Tory had gorgeous fitting room, quite spacious and draped with heavy cutrains !
I went a lil' overboard shopping here for me and for my mom ofcourse wether its their flats handbags, accessories and clothig it was the biggest boutique I have encountered during my trip and offered a wide selection that I cudn't find in anyother place so thank God I took the oppurtunity !
Thanks to the lovely sales lady, Taylor !

So here's one of the outfits I got, as I promised AMA Traveler since she loved this brand  !

I wore the outfit for a day out with the girls, it was rainning last week, hence the rainboots and the lovely her got the loveliest surprise ever !

Contrast print, cream, black and grey tweed ! My friend says the pring remined her of pacman !
No wonder it attracted me ! LOL !

Decided to break the dark pattern and opt for a raspberry colour handbag !

Dress & Cardigan & Handbag : Tory Burch
Pants: H&M
Wellies: Valentino ( Via Net a Porter)
Ring: Yves Saint Laurent & BCBG
Belt: Zara

Friday, January 6, 2012

A Thank You Note !

 I know this post may have past it due date, but I'll go on nonetheless!
First thanks to KhanfaroOsh for their amazing gift, those evil babies are soo yummy and addictive which formed a perfect gift for me to take along to NYC as a gift to my friend who lives in the states & btw she loved them !
Just the perfect treat for this weather, along with tea & milk <3

Thanks to Viva and especially May for their lovely invitation was a great chance to meet the Saudi comedian Fahad Al-Butairi and socialize with other fellow bloggers while munching on the yuminess of Upper Crust Pizzer !

Thank you Zain for your generous gift you made my mother a very happy woman, she was delighted for this gift ! Such a pleasant surprise to be woken in the morning with such gift !

 & Finally to Bayan Dental for the Très chic 2012 calendar it perfectly matched my room decor, not to forget the sweet gift voucher as well !

Also Thanks to 7ajidude folks for their kind invite, I apologize for not being able o make it !
Congratulations to the gorgeous PinkGirl !

Stay tuned for an upcoming giveaway celebrating my blogs first anniversary !

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year !

Happy New Year everyone, wishing you the best and all your dreams to come true!
All the way from the big apple New York City, where I'm having the time of my life avec precious people to my heart !

The crazy crowd at Times Square, waiting for the grand performance of Lady Gaga and to watch the ball drop !

And that's Mama Seeta wishing you a Happy New Year, she's a Diva !
Goodbye 2011, Welcome 2012 ~ !

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