January 29, 2012

Amazing Idea : Foot Candy !

Alexander Mcqueen + Lemonheads
Photo Credit Cupcakes & Cashmere

One of the blogs I constantly go back for is Cupcakes & Cashmere, amazing pictures, interior design idea's and mouth watering images aside from her very simple and clean style and fashion !
What's not to love, aside from this awesome idea which literally puts things into perspective since we are ladies are so attached to our beloved shoesies how she mixed between delicious candies and careful picks from her shoe wardrobe to turn into an eye catching post !

Miu Miu + Jelly belly
*My Fave*

Zara + Gummy Peaches & Cherries
The shoes looks good enough to eat !

Marni + Reeses Pieces

Christian Louboutin + Gummy Red and Black Raspberries

I'm really thinking about whipping up sumthing simillar but perhaps rely on sum delicious London Chocolates and rely more on colorful wrappers than candies !

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