January 23, 2012

Closer Look : Prink Me at Villa Mini Boutiques !

 " Fashion is architecture. It is a matter of proportions
 Coco Chanel

I managed to visit "Prink Me" statement jewelry by Reem Dashti at Villa Mini Boutiques 
& right now I really don't know where to start is the way how she arranged the whole display?
The huge variety of necklaces, rings and bracelets?  or snapping and absorbing every teeny weeny detail of the whole place and collection which were handled with an immecable attention..

Everything carried a whimsical touch, the bird cage , Tree branch ring holder, floral fabric that covered the hangers to carry the pieces..

Notice the tiny cute ballerina on the brooch adorning scarf/ necklace and it can be detached to wear separately, so perfect for Spring?

Melody of colors and an expected chair cameo to decorate the brooch along with flower hardware and pearls <3

This necklace left me in an awe, as the charm like piece in the middle features two different items the 
Chanel-esque chain and the two mutli-colored that can be adjusted to your own liking by tying it as a bow or just leaving it slight loose and can be adjusted to look long or short !

This was one of my personal favourites, I had a hard time deciding to get it or not but my bestie got it so its a win win no?

My choice fell upon this piece I had to get ittt !
So whimsical and got an un-expected twist at the back <3

Quite daring but certainly amazing !

This piece due to popular demand was designed again, and its really different than anything else I'd seen !
C'mon admit it, you've seen a bib necklace with a scissors cameo before? 
I think NOT !

Gorgeous bangle !
Perfect match for my friends outfit !

Couldn't resist not snapping a picture of Reem's own ring !
Little birdie that landed on the accessories branch, she mentioned that there was a gold one but was sold out !

 Publish Post
And the loveliest Reem treated me to a ring of my choice which I loved, being her loyal customer <3
Thanks a lot dear, you sure made my day !

Today is the last day for "Prink Me", don't miss it !


5 to 10 pm 



  1. The cameos and charms used look so adorable! What's the price range of the necklaces?

  2. I really liked the tree branch ring holder, may I ask where can I find or get one, please?

    1. May:
      Hello dear, I asked Reem she mentioned she got it from Home Centre a while ago but it was in a different colour and she painted in white :)


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