October 21, 2012

Beit Ahmed - AlMubarkiya


It's been ages since I last visited Beit Ahmed, at Al-Mubarkiya and quite few times I must say ..
The place is an ecletic mix and has lots of elements which you needs lots of time to savour and enjoy the place wasn't hard to find to start with but very interesting if you hae visitors and want to show them around away from the malls.

Isn't this sewing kit the cutest !
My mum certainly loved it she thought it reminds her of the stuff they used to make during her youth so she snatched one to keep in her handbag..
Yes, she happens to be the lovely old lady who carries everything in her bag !
God Bless her heart <3

An oversized thimble, I dunno if it's only me for spotting a thimble in that size ?
Do they used it to store sewing stuff? or use it a cup ?

A selection of beaded accessories and heavily made rings, there's an armour ring with interesting decoration if you are looking for one?

I'mt not sure what language is written on this unique headboard but I'm guessing it's Irani ?

What we call " Sandouq Embayyat "  it's a wooden box used before for storing items which can double as a clost I guess?
Had a selection of unique shawls..

Cute cardboard cake stand, a good center piece for a girly gathering..

Light fabric bags, good for travelling I suppose I used them to store them some of them were embossed with other designs which can be used as a undergarment bag and such..

Tiny tea pot good for one, for a tea fanatic..

This rusty looking hanger, which can be used to display accessories looks so vintage ..

Tiny "Naydeya : leather slippers" key chains and little bicycles as well..

I fell in love with this accessories mannequin, so vintage looking and for an accessory hoarder like me seems really fitting .
I snapped a nother picture of a different style of mannequin let me tell you it was hard choosing between them..

Little birdy adorning a mirror stand, it came in a selection of sizes as well..

Cardboard mannequins, they were so light !
I don't thing you can use them to display accessories but would do well as a piece of decoration <3

A selection of tin boxes, doesn't everyone grandma owned one in the past where she stored her sewing kit or maybe a precious stash of chocolate ?
So if you happen to be passing by Al-Mubarkiya I suggest passing by Beit Ahmed to take a look ..


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