September 16, 2012

Weekly Sugar OD: Dolcissimo

Finally I got the chance to try out Dolcissimo Fondue Party, which came in  simple white wooden tray filled with cookies, marshmallows, strawberries and cubes of vanilla sponge cake .
Aside from the chocolate tubs which were 3, two milk chocolate and 1 dark chocolate.

The chocolate requires few seconds in the microwave to be reheated then its ready to serve along with the sides, it comes along with wooden sticks well.
Which makes it perfect to send as a gift or to be taken along to a cosy friends gathering..

The aroma from the vanilla sponge cake was mouthwatering, and it had a very soft and fluffy texture but the cookies were ok nothing that's out of the ordinary.

Even though I'm a big fan of dark chocolate, but for some reason I liked the milk chocolate more or maybe my tastebuds were having a bit of mood swings that day.  Overall, the texture and the taste of the chocolate was rich and tasty  ..




  1. YUMMY! Back home in the states we used to eat at The Melting Pot a lot and its all fondue start to finish and amazing.


    Little Pink Strawberries

    1. Oh hello Noor, You don't know how happy I become whenever I see you commenting on my posts !
      Thanks for your positive feedback and stay tuned for more :)


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