September 03, 2012

Fallin' into Charlotte Web

As I shared my love of shoes to my new friend Sireta, and an elongated chat about our shoe collection she kindly directed me to Charlotte Olympia Boutique on Maddox Street..
The store is somewhat tucked away, but with the aid of my phone's map it wasn't hard to find it and the first you'd notice is the spider web decorating the entrance..
In addition, the  posh boutique had a very display for its window those shoes are eye candy by themselves who needs exagerrated decoration anyways !

The interior of the boutique was very subtle and simple, featuring a nice seating area at the back which I unfortunetly didn't manage to snap a picture of but was very welcoming nonetheless ..
I had my eyes on the kitty flats in green velvet preferably which wasn't available in my size but the saleslady was kind enough to pull out the navy blue one which were bigger in size *cries* and I'm not a fan of pony hair otherwise I might have taken the red ones ..

Anyways if you are in London town passby and give the boutique a visit, there's no harm in feasting your eyes on Charlotte Olympia's masterpieces !



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