June 14, 2012

Weekly Sugar OD : Marble Slab Turtle Cake

Turtle Cake, by Marble Slab creamery..
It looked like a killer and I wanted to try it since forever, it wasn't bad..
But I'd more describe it as a safe choice nothing too adventrous or outta the ordinary here..

It had a thin slice of vanilla sponge cake at the bottom, it tastes pretty much like Baskin Robins Pralines and Cream..
My brother exclaimed that it tasted better the day after, I didn't try it myself the next day so I don't know..

Would be a safe option if you're stuck with no deserts for a family or friends gathering since they offer delivery service as well..

Fancy a slice?
Enjoy the weekend everyone !



  1. AWESOME!! this looks divine
    Maybe you're the only blogger with no Instagram account if I'm not mistaken.

    1. Always count on Saud comment whenever I post about desserts ;)
      I'm around twitter, no instagram yet ! Is that a bad thing? :/

  2. of course.. Im addicted to IG!! :P


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