June 01, 2012

Weekly Sugar OD : Cherriez

I was running errands since early morning, and the moment I stepped into the house the door bell rang  and  nicely  packed box of frozen yogurt from Cherriez having my name on it!
I squealed from happiness at the sight of the white box, since our scalding hot summer is unbearable I quickly un-wrapped it and started snapping pictures on spot before helping myself into two cups of fro yo !

Cherriez were kind enough to send me 4 flavours from their selection : Original, Passion Fruit, Mango & Cherry the latter two are my favourites..
In addition, a selection of toppings as I had mixed the two flavours together for me to savour along with granola and their cheese cake bites where phenomenal I couldn't picture it would go so well with yougurt ! A  must try if I may say !

Thanks to Cherriez & Mr. Abdulhady for the nice gesture it sure eased the summer heat..

For Delivery
Call : 22 474 888


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