March 08, 2012

Bimba & Lola : A Melody of Colours !

I casually passed by Bimba  & Lola the other day, if you're looking to revive your wardrobe for Spring then this the place you should head to !

Peplum waist is the main focus among designers lately and Bimba & Lola didn't miss highlighting them in their latest collection I loved those tiny jewels prints on this short sleeved peplum top and the matching pants very airy and breezy ..

Those two pieces were my favourite, the same print featured above in another color and comes with a matching skirt pleated around the waist !
It screams Spring !
I think teamed up with a crop jacket in mustard yellow would make it just perfect !

This oversized linen blazer, would look just preppy if you teamed it with printed pair of pants.
I remember they had  croppred trousers printed in blue and green ( sorry no picture)
I tried it both ways buttoned up or opened and looked nice both ways..

The Ostrich illustration on this shirt was super adorable, it was simply soo Bedour's !
Cute as a munchkin, they teamed it with a neutral color cullotte's !
The top would work perfectly for a muhajaba, since its longer at the back and easy to style with a pair of pants !

Pale green shirt, double collared, slouchy fit & comfy !
Would look super nice with those cropped pants, along with a string of pearls and perhapd a pair of leopard shoes to go along !
My head is buzzing with thoughts by now and can't decide which to take home with me!

Moving on to the accessories, multi colored necklace & crystals if you like to keep the looks subtle and opt for accessories instead !

This necklace was more on the neon-y side, if you into flashy colors would work just perfect to give a pop of color to a plain attire !

Matching 3 in one ring as well, they had 3 seperate ones if you have dianty fingers and rather go with one ring instead of a party :P

Another item to add to your arm party is those bangels which are rather exotic, they had a huge selection but those were my favourites !

Finally, I can't be LadyBee if I didn't try every and each single pair of glasses they had !
I loved the first ones on top the color really attracted me and I'm a sucker of sunglasses so wouldn't hurt to add one more pair !

Olympia Mall


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  1. I love Bimba&Lola... the accessories are amazing and with so much colors!



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