February 17, 2012

Brunchin' at Tatami

Hearing the phrase brunch with a Japanese twist made it really interesting and Tatami offering a We'll  a special tasting menu where you  pick one item from each category to get to try: eggs, okonomiyaki, sandwiches, last bites.

We were offered a list to choose and tick from each category, I was joined by my lovely friend Fatimah & her niece princess Z !
Btw check out Fatima's gorgeous mani, done by Nails & Co
We mixed and match from eery category to get to sample and share everything !

I thought the list idea was decent, so we don't have to repeat endlessly what we ordered and there's no chances of mix ups or mistakes!

 First from the Classic eggs , We got the Tatami style eggs benedict which is poached egg served over fresh chive butter biscuit and sliced avocado topped with ponzu togarashi spiced hollandaise it was nice and every bite holds an unepexted taste it was a very unfamilliar mixture for eggs benedict but delicious nonetheless!

Sunny side up egg, served on Shokupan toast with garlic soy butter, slicked avocado, and teriyaki marinated grilled asparagus !
For a mere second I thought it was a very expected dish, but it had a twist a slight zesty taste that made the taste very notable and unforgettable !

Shiitake mushroom omelet, with goat cheese served with Shakupan toast.
I didn't get to taste it since I was saving up some space for the other dishes, but my friend and her niece was enjoying it we got  veggie Okonomiyaki as a side to all of the egg dishes we ordered which was a mix of shiitake mushroom, red & green capiscum !

The second part of the menu is the sandwiches we all went for Miso-braised eggplant & fresh mozzarella sandwich served with avocado, grilled tofu,shiitake mushrooms and fresh spinach it was nice and light but I'm not a big fan of tofu at all :/

For last bites we got Roasted pumpkin ginger pancakes , it was fluffy and light but the flavour might do with a little bit enhacement as the taste of ginger was very subtle .
and I love everything that includes pumpkin!

Shokupan french toast was my favourite as the moist thick cut toast drizzled with ginger-infused maple syrup was highlighted with candied orange peel that made it a crowd pleaser!
I loved ittt <3
Just typing the description this instant makes my mouth waters !
A must try!

The last bite around was Vanilla crepes, lathered with passion fruit creme anglaise and fresh berries it was very average and not memorable but crepes isn't my cuppa so it won't be fair to judge !

All in all it was a nice experience, we left the diner full to the brim !
So don't miss out if you fancy a bruch sometime during the weekend even for late risers like moi !

Serving Hours :
9 am to 2 pm

Kuwait City
Tel :22251266



  1. aaaaahhhhhh u're killing me with these yumminesss :D

    bel3afia :*

  2. the food looks delicious I'm trying it out soon thanx for the feedback


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