Monday, December 26, 2011

Window Shopping : TopShop

Passed by Topshop to check out the t-shirt section at Topman, found this vintage looking t-shirts of 7up & Coca Cola. Perfect for running errands or casual outing underneath a blazer and adorned with a scarf or just worn with a pair of sweats?

I'm going through a t-shirt phase right now, what do you think would you wear them?

Topshop/ TopMan
The Avenues Mall

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Plaids Business

Ditching winter greys and blacks and opting for something rather more colorful !
Wanted to post more outfit pictures, but not finding the person to shoot me nor feeling tempted to set up the tripod and shoot myself, huh ! So shoot me ! :P

I know my jacket looks like a girly blanker but I love it, and its really cozy and warm can't complain !
I tucked in my shirt and wore denim pallazo pants from Asos (not shown) which looks like a skirt but its actually a pair of pants.

Jacket: River Island
Top: Zara
Pants: Asos
Bag: Savini Bettina
Brooches: Old from Al-Oustoura

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Pretty in Pleats: Feather Weather

A week can't pass without a dose of fashion from the lovely B of Pretty in Pleats !
Darker color pallette this time, with a pop of color (hence, the handbag)

 Lace, feathers, chains & velvet !

Close up into the details of her top, lacy booties !

Feather Vest: Reiss
Top & Lace Pants: H&M
Bracelets: Asos
Handbag: Topshop
Rings: YSL Arty Ring & Versace for H&M

Hello Cupcake!

Popped into Bath & Body Works to restock on bubble bath solutions when I noticed this cupcake like objects, assuming it was rolled up towels but after a closer look it turned out to be socks !

Vanilla scented & Shea infused socks , the Shea butter claims to  lasts up to 25 washings; while fragrance lasts 8-10 washings. Available in two different colours pink & purple !
Looks really adorable!

Bath & Body Works

Christian Lacroix for Desigual !

Was casually striding through The Avenues when I caught a glimpse of Desigual  window highligting a new collaboration.
Noor from Lab 8 mentioned about this collaboration before upon me asking about a funky pair of tights she was wearing a while ago but didn't expect the collection to be this big !

 The collection varies from the usual Desigual jackets, cropped ones, tights, leggings, funky cotton t-shirts, handbags  and some heavy duty coats !
The collaboration totally makes since the mixture of fabrics, colors and patterns is something both of Christian Lacroix and Desigual share in common !

 Mixing patterns in one jacket if you didnt master the art of this kinda dressing, now made easy and check out the cool buttons with Lacroix picture imprint !

Simpler pattern, I liked the shape of this coat when I tried it one the cut was nice and very flattering but my only remark was this denim patchwork around the hem, someone else might like it but I didn't just didn't work for me . The good thing was that it's removable so you can simply unzip it from the coat !

Cropped velvet jacket, painted with details around the butto, beaded collar and flower patches here and there, surprisingly it looked really nice when I tried it on, it was styled with this peplum waist dress I think would look very nice for a girls gathering played with dark tights and simple heels.

Cardigan like coat with detachable snood and funky snood, would look nice with cropped pants or just tights and long boots.

Casual tees in different colours and quirky designs of tulle, mismatched fabrics & ribbons !
Couldn't resist so I got the white t-shirt would be handy to layer here and there for casual outfits.

The Avenues Mall
360 Mall

Monday, December 19, 2011

The Muppets: Life's a Happy Song !

" Everything is great everything is grand
I got the whole wide world in the palm of my hand
Everything is perfect its falling into place
I cant seem to wipe this smile off my face
Life’s a happy song when theres someone by my side to sing along"

My perfect weekend starts with Thursday gathering avec the family, aside from this what I look forward to the most is going to movies !
I can't contain my excitement if theres a new movie or maybe two I wouldn't mind attending them in tow followed by a nice dinner with my friends ofcourse ! Spare me the depressing talk plz, that Kuwait's theatres are worthless, the same old boring talk about the movie choices and blah blah blah !
For me the little things that counts, nothing beats attending a movie with my friends and enjoying a meal afterwards..
Attended "The Muppets" this weekend , growing up with those awesome fella's as my childhood memories Kirmet the frog and Miss Piggy I was over the rainbow to be more exact !

I thought I'd share some pictures from my visit to Universal Studio's last year and The Muppets theatre, I would have loved to share more but most of my pictures are rather personal !

It was an amazing experience, the movie was outta this world I felt like dancing the whole time musicals have this affect on me <3
and C'mon Miss Piggy an editor in Vogue, Paris ! For plus size fashion, OMG ! and Btw she was rocking a Chanel number I'm quite envious with !

Which brought back this particular pair of tennis shoes I got during college days, featuring Miss Piggy !
I'm a sucker I know and I think dear Her owns a matching one too !
Who could say No to such cuteness ?

Dinner at Zeebrgr

 Everyone been buzzing lately about the latest burger place, "Zeebrgr" so the weekend was perfect to go there enjoy good food and outdoor seating in this lovely weather.
Started off with Crispy Salad, mixture of greens, crab sticks, beetroot chips, sweet potato chips, sesame & avocados was very good and it could go as a meal by itself !

Edamame with spicy sauce on the side
Edamame for appetizers as well but the portion was TINY !
I wanted burrata as well for appetizers but it wasn't available as well :/

Truffle Fries
Steak cut french fries with parmesan cheese shavings and bits of truffles
You can notice the taste of truffle oil infused into the fries it self it was good but could use a bit of work to it as well but I was devastated that the sweet potatoes fries were outta stock *cries*

Mexico Burger
That was my burger, and I loved ittt!
It all worked together, the chipotle cheese, the nachos , the guacomole ! Did I mention how much I love avocado's? and having it in my burger is something new but I loved it but the mango salsa was not evident in the taste at all as it was listed in the menu and I loved the sundried tomato bun, yum!

Essa Burger
Which was my friends order didn't taste it myself , it had garlic mayo, mozarella cheese, caramelised onion and mushroom sauce she enjoyed it but she's not a fan of sweet taste in the food specially burgers.

Holy Canolli

The conversation we had regarding those fella's was hilarious, after I tasted the cheese I was like mmm it tastes like "Rahash" you know the traditional dessert made out of sesame paste, when my friend blurted
 " Mmm, but it smells like Darabeel " Lol !
Darabeel another traditional desserts of wafer like rolls I think it had quite a resemblence but was filled with mascarpone cheese and something else !
I was really full,  ate half a piece of the canolli so it won't haunt me late at night ! :P
Can't really judge !
But definetly I'm going back for the burger !

The Palms Hotel
Tel: 25612374

Saturday, December 17, 2011

New In: H&M Cosmetics

Passed by H&M this weekend to check the cosmetics section since I was running low on bronzing powder to find out they got a mini size of the bronzer!
Which is perfect for me since I buy two pieces each time one to keep in my dresser and the other one in my make up bag, now the mini one fits perfectly in my make up bag without taking soo much space !

The other item I got is this marker-like eyeliner, MAC been cutting down on supplyin my favourite waterproof eyeliner so I decided to look into other alternatives till they re-stock.
The eyeliner got a felt like tip, easy to manage and perfect to apply for sporting the winged eye look I tried it twice so far once with eyeshadow primer and the second time after applying beige eyeshadow and it turned out perfect and didn't even budge after 6 hours since I applied it two thumbs up H&M.

H&M Cosmetics

The Avenues Mall
Salmiya, Salem Al-Mubarak Street

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Addicted to Coco

Finally it's time for me to reveal my winter collection of my humble t-shirts brand , Addicted by LadyB !
Anyways, I've seen this picture online almost a year ago and was dying to get my hands on one, lucky for me I realised it can be done here and easier than expected thanks to a dear friend of mine and her lovely mama :*

Chanel inspired, mini tweed jacket in three colours black & white, beige & white and red & black !
Adorned with tiny pearl buttons the fabric of the jacket is thick but since our winter is quite brief didn't want to go overboard and make something rather heavy !

Opted for making something more versatile, fun and easy to style under winter countlesss layers of clothing!
I simply can't wait to see what would others do to style it with !

You can find Addicted by LadyB at Fortune Cookie Boutique,
 Olympia Mall, Salmiya
Tel: 22268612

From Coco With Love

Coco is back! This is just a little glimpse of what's to come in our exciting new collection! It will be held for two days only (26 and 27 of December 2011) in Le Blanche Gallery, Mishref.
Stay tuned for more images and details for From Coco With Love: Chapter II.

For inquiries please contact: orFor more information please follow us them twitter @FromCocoLove and check out their facebook page, or send them an email:

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Pretty Little Fringes

Okay I guess we all know by  now, a week can't past without a fashinable dose from Pretty In Pleats !
Lucky for me she attended the event to fill this week slot, she was a show stopper!
This girl is as cute as a button <3

At first I thought her bag was Christian Louboutin, but kindly she corrected me by mentioning its Rebecca Minkoff !

A close up to the fringey action going on her tres-chic leather jacket !

Jacket: H&M
Dress: Miss Selfridge
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff
Rings: YsL arty Ring
Belt: Forever 21
Necklace: Topshop
Bracelets: Asos

Once I spotted this chick, I couldn't help myself not asking to snap pictures!
A sudden flashback of one of my favourite bloggers The Man Repeller, but what makes it better that she's a Kuwaiti ! Don't we rock, C'mon !
I was hesistant that she'll turn me down but lucky for me she didn't !

Where do I start, those gorgeous polka dot pants which I almost killed Topshop employee for few weeks back for finding me a size I wouldn't fit  it in even if I dieted for the next ten years :/

I highly admire the mixing of prints which she pulled off impeccably without looking too much, along with the art of layering, must have Celine tote & some serious amount of arm candy !

Finished off by Marc Jacobs studded wedges * Faints*
I can't thank you babes for allowing me to take pictures of your spectacular outfit, and responding to my endless requests of posing !
I apologize if I came out pushy !
Which made me recall I didn't even ask for your name , lol !

Pretty Little Things - Bloggers Night

On Monday I was delighted to attend Pretty Little things events, Which is currently being held at Villa Mini Boutiques till Thursday 11 pm !
Anyways I apologise for not posting earlier, things are crazy busy and I'm trying to wrap up things for my t-shirts winter collection.

First Greeted by the Loveliest Noaf & Haya from PLT to explore around and the first places was Green Bar from Bahrain, the lovely sister of The Overdressed !
Offering a variety of botanical oils and waters especially  rose water simple products which are simple, natural, vegan, synthetic free & fun !
I was so tempted to grab one by I think I've got enough and I'm on a strict skin regime to fix the mess of a skin I got by my Dermatologist !

On another corner you'd find May Jewellery, such a sweety with a unique a line of local custom made  jewellery I was amazed by the exquisite designs and its simplicity and seriously considering getting one for my sisters on her birthday !

The cute washing line of The Yard corner, adorable and creative idea !

 Silsal Ceramics modern tables featuring Arabic Calligraphy, seriously makes me want to re do our house to fit those tables !

 Tiny Christmas tree featuring clay letters by Silsal.

Accessories tree by Goji Boutique which is currently having dicounts up to 80% ,
I loved the accessories !

And I was specifically taken by this gorgeous necklace which Ms. Hawazen Al-Buaijan kindly modelled for me!
Isn't it such an eye-candy?

The final stop was at BabyB, they had the funnies and quirkiest bibs my heart fluttered at the babies outfits if only we had a new baby on board I would have snatched everything in a heart beat !

At the end of our tour at the villa we retired to the entrance to chill and have dinner, isn't such a lovely seating area?

Warm pots of tea to keep us toasty in this freezing weather, served by the lovely Noaf!
Tislam elayadi ;)

And finally dinner by Home slice, I really liked my pizza I had the Veggie which was huge and quite fulfilling and ofcourse we couldn't depart without nibbling on Baking Tray mouthwatering cookies <3
It was a good night, thanx LPT for your kind invite I had a blast and got the honour of meeting so many nice people !

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