December 19, 2011

Dinner at Zeebrgr

 Everyone been buzzing lately about the latest burger place, "Zeebrgr" so the weekend was perfect to go there enjoy good food and outdoor seating in this lovely weather.
Started off with Crispy Salad, mixture of greens, crab sticks, beetroot chips, sweet potato chips, sesame & avocados was very good and it could go as a meal by itself !

Edamame with spicy sauce on the side
Edamame for appetizers as well but the portion was TINY !
I wanted burrata as well for appetizers but it wasn't available as well :/

Truffle Fries
Steak cut french fries with parmesan cheese shavings and bits of truffles
You can notice the taste of truffle oil infused into the fries it self it was good but could use a bit of work to it as well but I was devastated that the sweet potatoes fries were outta stock *cries*

Mexico Burger
That was my burger, and I loved ittt!
It all worked together, the chipotle cheese, the nachos , the guacomole ! Did I mention how much I love avocado's? and having it in my burger is something new but I loved it but the mango salsa was not evident in the taste at all as it was listed in the menu and I loved the sundried tomato bun, yum!

Essa Burger
Which was my friends order didn't taste it myself , it had garlic mayo, mozarella cheese, caramelised onion and mushroom sauce she enjoyed it but she's not a fan of sweet taste in the food specially burgers.

Holy Canolli

The conversation we had regarding those fella's was hilarious, after I tasted the cheese I was like mmm it tastes like "Rahash" you know the traditional dessert made out of sesame paste, when my friend blurted
 " Mmm, but it smells like Darabeel " Lol !
Darabeel another traditional desserts of wafer like rolls I think it had quite a resemblence but was filled with mascarpone cheese and something else !
I was really full,  ate half a piece of the canolli so it won't haunt me late at night ! :P
Can't really judge !
But definetly I'm going back for the burger !

The Palms Hotel
Tel: 25612374



  1. I think I gained five pounds just from reading this! Everything looks delicious.

  2. why everything was out of stock? 7ram u should hv tasted the sweet potato :) yalla ma3aleh next time! bel3afia :*

  3. Swera:
    Qubesa :'(, eeh I love sweet potatoes thnx babes

  4. yum!! def trying this out sometime soon x

  5. yeah about those pictures... *LICKS THE SCREEN* lol


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