Tuesday, November 29, 2011

H&M New Designer !

I just caught my breath after the Versace collection frenzy ! ..  Now H&M will have a new designer collaboration  in store for you guys!

For Spring collection 2012, Marni will design for H&M ..
On March 8th, 2012 !

Dear Muhajababe

" I know it winter time, but it's such a faux pas to wear knee length skirt & over the knee boots.
Trust me it's not stylish nor does it look flattering. "


Note:  As I've mentioned when I first started my blog Dear Muhajababe gonna be a weekly post dedicated to Muhajaba's fashion Faux Pas, working my best to revive it

Monday, November 28, 2011

Bloggers Who Cook !

Cooking isn't my forte', decided to give it a rest  a year ago even though I enjoyed it a lot but I enjoy eating more so I guess it's  the thought that counts, right? Aside from the occasional desserts or simple sandwiches and that's it!

However, I couldn't refuse a cooking class at Chef Boutique along with fellow bloggers, italian night was the theme co-ordinated by the lovely Basma from 13 cups.

Greeted by the owners Olga & Victor along with Chef Ismail and fellow bloggers, we were set to preview the recipes which was Eggplant & goat cheese salad and creamy chicken and mushroom pesto penne !

Overall the whole place was neat, the cooking stations was perfect for teaching purposes everything was layed out and clear , the recipes was infront of each blogger in specific instructions and how to follow each step.

We started of with the eggplant and goat cheese salad, salting the veggies and making pesto from scratch which was soo tasty and very easy .

Doesn't look like a piece of art? its equally tasty as well and could be a meal by itself
I so wanna do it soon once again, but this time won't resort to buying ready made pesto from Marks & Spencer.

Moving on to the next course, after polishing off the salad to make the creamy pesto pasta equally easy as well . And my pasta was super bright green, well I'm not objecting no one sez no to lil' bit of colour right? :P

& Voila ?

Let's dig in shall we? I managed to eat half of it before feeling extremely full, but I know my sister would be happy to have the recipe since pasta seems to be her thing !
And ofcourse, what's a perfect meal without a happy ending?

Courtsey of Empress, Basma treated us to Marquesa cake flour-less chocolate cake which requires 24 hours of preparing!
Super moist and super chocolatey, even if you're full to the brim who woud say know  to desserts?

I almost took a bite while I was slicing the cake for the others, its soo tempting and I can't help it infront of chocolate?

Want  a bite?

All in all, thanks Olga, Victor, Chef Ismail & Basma for planning this I really enjoyed my time.
Far related from fashion, but who says no to cooking with style? I know I don't !
Very nice experience, the place is very welcoming to enjoy it as couples or for females only as a birthday party or for a bridal shower to kill the routine !

Good meeting my fellow bloggers once again as well, and to my readers if anyone is interested in the recipe I'd be more than happy to share just send me an e-mail  !

Chef Boutique

Friday, November 25, 2011

Pretty Pleats : Take Two !

Everyday B kills me with her outfit of the day tweets, I can't help but to ask her permisson for a quick shoot of her super cute outfit and I guess due to popular demand as well we might make this segment a part of a weekly posts on my blog!
What do you say folks, Yay or nay?
If only I can find a male fashionisto as well to feature weekly * wish*

Well, well she happens to be pretty in pleats for the second time!
Notice her the cute pleats on her shift dress <3

Lovely Autumn/ Fall color pallete that simply fits the season , no?

Coat: Mango
Dress: Asos
Tights: Topshop
Booties: Dorothy Perkins
Handbag: Fendi Peekabo
Rings : YSL arty ring & random booth in Bahrain

Pretty in Pleats

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Weekly Sugar OD

The family got excited the minute they saw me carrying a bag from November Bakery, but soon the excitment was replaced by disappointmet as they figured its not their beloved Heart Breaker Cake.

To be honest I've had enough Heart Breaker so decided to grab something else for a change, and trust me it was a success !

Dali chocolate cake with thin layers of white chocolate & chocolate bits adorned with an assortment of cake bites !

 After I had my first slice I went to finish praying, then came back to find it almost gone !
Surprise surprise they loved it after all !

So fancy a bite?
Have a great long weekend everyone !

November Bakery
Tel: 97313310

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Beary Cute !

Passed by Al-Thuraya complex the other day searching for a birthday gift, so went to Moschino to check out if they have something worth buying.
Most of the winter items were incredibly quircky and un-expected , adorned by cute teddy bears and funny words.

Cute cotton tshirt with a mini teddy teddy bear attached to it next to the collar.
"To Bear or Not to Bear  ! "

And this super chic coat with a dozen teddy bears around the collar, the coat is super warm and heavy feels like being wrapped in a big nice bear hug *cute*

And on a non Beary note, Found this really nice coat with a chain bag attached to it to do the job of a heavy warm coat / handbag at the same time ? Is isn't it super adorable?

 I was hoping to find the classic Moschino belt from the old days, but only found this thin version in those three colours above!
I think I'll hunt the old school belt online sometime soon, since the one we used to own is no where to be found !

Al-Thuraya Complex
Tel:  2572 9224 / 8

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Food for Thought : Encore Valentine

By Adriana Trigiani

" I am no master craftsman when it comes to love, strictly an apprentice in training"

" I am best self, the most alive I can be, when I'm creating in the shop. I would never admit this to a man I was interested in, but it's the truth. ( That sounds like me :P )Love is not the main course in the banquet of my life. It's dessert. My mother would say that's why I'm still single. And my sisters would say that I'm lying. But I know this to be true, that love is my treat, my tiramisu, because I'm living it. I know about women who drop the lives they lead in one place to go and be with a man in another. I'm fascinated by their impulse to  choose the possibility of love over the certainty of work. I would never leave my work behind for a man, no matter how scrumptious he might be. I am, however interested in romance on my own terms, and in my own time." Page 100

Valentine Roncalli from New York carrying her familly legacy the "Angelini Shoe Company" for excuisite wedding shoes discovers a business opportunity in a long burried family ties in Buenos Aires ..
A mix of love, family, and perfect handmade shoes Valentina finds herself torn between carrying her family bussiness after her Grandmother gets married and balancing her love life..

I really loved the way the story started at Teodora wedding in Italy, back to New York, then in Buenos Aires, the second book I read for the same author and ofcourse revolving around a family bussiness of handmade shoes , filled with un-expected twists and turns..
& a Happy Ending ofcourse !

Next on my list, Lucia Lucia for the same author !

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Versace for H&M !

I guess you all heard, it was a MESS ! I was there by 7,30 and it was packed ! 3 times more than it was last year for Lanvin ! I thought Lanvin was mild in comparison to Versace, too bad for me I thought I was safe since I had  VIP invitaion ! Boy I was wrong !
At least last year I managed to get everything I wanted !
Anyways after lots of fighting I got most of the stuff on my list except for the Fur gilet *cries* and did I mention I got a nice painful elbow to knockout the scarf outta my hand but I survived !
I laughed alot, lots of items tossing from staff members and some of the stuff I didn't want eventually I managed to toss into the waiting crowd in the fitting room !
Enough talking already, let me show you what I managed to grab !

First place I headed to was the accessories , I wanted the gold choker that matches the bracelet as well  but no luck !

Two scarves that I loved from the lookbook and got smacked for the pink one *giggles*

Two handbags, the colorful one is velvet they're both simillar in style but those are not for me I got them for my cousin since she asked me a few weeks back to get them for her if possible !

And finally this T-shirt from the men section, which was terribly quite and organized unlike the was zone downstairs I ran quickly after I got the accessories and the employees were more than helpful getting me the right sizes cuz I need another one for my couzin  along with the matching jacket !
I loved it since I saw Kanye West wearing one it would look awesome under a nice black blazer , well so far I have endless choices to style it so wait and see!

I was done by around 9 am , which allowed me sometime to grab some coffee and breakfast before heading to work ! Thank you cousin for joining me , and dear Her you've been missed !

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New by Melissa

Spotted those funky Melissa heels during my visit to  Dubai, the pom poms looks fun and quirky good enough to dance no ?
Its apparent that I'm a big fan of Melissa footwear doesn't my header say it all? well anyways I own over 6 pairs of those shoes its light, summery and smells like bubble gum  who would say no to such thing ?
But I promised myself to stop buying them, I have more than enough already so it doesn't hurt that I got my sister those pom pom shoes in black :P
Afterall, sharing is caring !

Cute flowery clutch, rubbery, light and have the same smell infamous Melissa products carries!
I decided to give it a skip suits teenagers more, no?
Its cool that Melissa is making more products within the same concept, I spotted boots as well the other day !

So are you a fan of Melissa shoes as well?

Dubai Mall

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I Got a Pocket, Got a Pocketful of Sunshine !

Woke up super early today with a growling stomache !
Me & early doesn't go well together, but what the heck I don't mind  a pleasant change so decided to take an advantage of the early start and make myself some breakfast !
The sight of the fresh berries in the fridge, so french toast it was !

I usually like my french toast made out of thick cut toast like the ones sold from Fudruckers or Breadtalk but I had to make do today with regular brown toast, fresh berries & a cuppa white tea <3

Nothing better than a hearty meal at the begging of the day to give a girl an excellent kick start   !
Have a pleasant morning everyone and an a good day !

Monday, November 14, 2011

Studded Nails

Inspired by Michael Kors

I thought I have seen it all when it came to nails trend, but thats something I sure wanna try !
Now the question is which one from the nail spas is welling to take the risk and apply this bad-ass nail manicure ?

 I *Heart *

Photo Courtsey Nailsauraus

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Versace for H&M ! Are You Ready ?

 The countdown has begun until the official launch on November 17th, & finally I recieved my VIP invitation of  Versace  for H&M collection
along with a cute notebook & a file embossed with the collection logo !
This Thursday Morning I spotted the collection gleaming on The Avenues display, quite exquisite I must say !
I'm so excited for this collaboration !

Last year the collaboration with Lanvin was phenomenal and it was a fun experience queuing along with other fashionista's sipping coffee and nibbling on Dean & Deluca macaroons until openning time !

Picture Courtsey 20 Minuten Friday magazine

On another note, my fellow blogger FroyoNation is holding a fashion contest affiliated with collection in specific, for more details kindly check her blog !
Best of luck peeps !

Thank you Fajer Al-Matrouk

Friday, November 11, 2011

Pretty in Pleats !

The other day I was chatting on Twitter with a fellow blogger as she described what she's wearing I felt really inriqued and asked her if its possible to snap a picture of her outfit !
For my surprise she accepted instantly, the coincidence was that both of us were sporting the same colors ! 
Green & black !
I might share what I was wearing later though !

What I loved the most the rings, the mini bag & B's Gorgeous ombre' hair <3
Mashallah !

Outfit Details:
Top: H&M
Maxi Skirt: American Apparel
Belt: Topshop
Bag: Prada
Rings: Ysl, Cavalli, Kiston
Shoes: Peacoks

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