November 13, 2011

Versace for H&M ! Are You Ready ?

 The countdown has begun until the official launch on November 17th, & finally I recieved my VIP invitation of  Versace  for H&M collection
along with a cute notebook & a file embossed with the collection logo !
This Thursday Morning I spotted the collection gleaming on The Avenues display, quite exquisite I must say !
I'm so excited for this collaboration !

Last year the collaboration with Lanvin was phenomenal and it was a fun experience queuing along with other fashionista's sipping coffee and nibbling on Dean & Deluca macaroons until openning time !

Picture Courtsey 20 Minuten Friday magazine

On another note, my fellow blogger FroyoNation is holding a fashion contest affiliated with collection in specific, for more details kindly check her blog !
Best of luck peeps !

Thank you Fajer Al-Matrouk



  1. Thanks for the support love =*

  2. I want the collection in Bahrain stores tooT.T

  3. lucky u!!
    o 3alaich eb alf 3afya

  4. Zainab:
    It's not available at Bahrain? an excuse to visit Kuwait, no?

  5. Sn3a:
    Thanx sweety <3
    Will see you then? ;)



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