December 06, 2011

Food for Thought : The Bastard of Istanbul

"Let earth, sky, water listen to our voice;
Let the whole world shake with our heavy steps"

The Bastard of Istanbul by Elif Shafak

Can't recall why did I pick that book, wasn't looking forward to read it but it turned out really good !
I really do  like books that mixes between the political and social nature of a country (Turkey) which gives a feel of whats going on inside without going too deep.

The story of Zeliha, a mother of a bastard " Asya" whom she got pregnant with when she she was 19 and her wild concotion of sisters, the mystery family curse that makes all the men of her family dies at their fourties and the sudden visit of Aramanoush , the American-Armenian step daughter of Zeliha Brother.
&  Very un-expecting surprise that left me speechless in the last few pages !


1 comment

  1. i think im getting this book! sounds interesting! thnx for sharing :)


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