October 17, 2011

Nails Gone Coco !

On my previous post for Topshop notebooks I was sporting metalic nails with a design , an anonymous reader of my blog asked about the nail polish I was wearing.

It's actually nail stickers , a set my sister got from London very organized box containing a variety of nail stickers, nail polish removal clothes individually wrapped , nail file, cuticle stick and nail clipper ! All in mini size !

The nail stickers varied between plain, glittery and patterned designs, took me around 5 minutes to apply to my finger nails then I added a clear coat of nail varnish on top to seal it  very easy and quite funky !
I tried removing it with regular nail polish remover as well, it went away easily didn't bother me at all !

Anyone knows if its sold here in K-town ?


  1. Wow! Let me know if you find them in Kuwait

  2. They r a beauty
    3alaich bl3afya
    any idea where in London you may find them?

  3. Anonymous:
    thank you , Selfridge :)

  4. allaaah waydd 7lweeen wain ebe3onhm bq8?? or fe wa7da tyebhm ??
    ur sis bcham shrthm ??!!

  5. Anonymous:
    Wallah madry etha fee menhum belkuwait , she got them for around 60 pounds or so :)


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