October 10, 2011

Food for Thought : Suddenly Single

Suddenly Single by Sheila O'Flanagan

Alix Callaghan whose a successful business woman, find her boyfriend dumping her upon meeting someone else who shown interest in establishing a family rapidly.

Unlike Alix who puts her career first and doesn't want to listen to the sound of her biological clock ticking , the book is loaded with financial terms and dealing room drama sometime a little bit un neccessary to delve into that much details.

However, after Alix finds herself stalking her boyfriend until she eventually gives up and decides she's not interested in being in a relationship anymore, she finds a client that have shown a great intereset in her.
 Without the fear of being tied down and taken away from her career, to find a man who respect her for being who she is and putting her first and foremost !


1 comment

  1. i read everyone worth knowing 4 years ago and looved it! i think i'll read it again :D and suddenly single sounds interesting..


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