August 06, 2011

Blogerette's Ghabga

The sweetest Ansam invited me yesterday to Ghabga at Le Notre, along with a group of girls from infamous blogs <3

It was a fun gathering, filled with amazing food, since it's the first year Le Notre opens up for Futoor, hilarious chats and snapping endless pictures. Each and every girl looks splendid rocking her Ramadan-esque ensemble !

The amazing Ramadan buffet , a variety of cold and hot mezzeh, lots of yumminess to choose from !

Check out those colorful pots <3 

A variety of assorted salads, once we filled our plates we went back to the table to find it filled with amazing appetizers !

Meat Kibbeh

Mini potato sambosa and we were offered harees as well but I'm not a fan at all !

Sweet n Sour chicken, Creamy ravioli, Chicken and meat maghrabiya , mea ouzi with veggie rice
I only tried the ravioli and the sweet n sour chicken very tasty !

Qamar Al-Din (Apricot) drink very refreshing drink along with three diffferent drinks to choose from specially for Ramadan

And ofcourse the happy ending , Desserts <3
*Drum Rolls*

Testo Negro, Om Ali & sume kinda vermicilii sweet which I didn't try !

But the highlight of that mouthwatering meal was the rose icecream, omg it was outta this world !
I'm planning a visit soon to Le Notre to eat this ice cream again ! The rahash ice cream was nice mum would really enjoy it had very tiny bits of rahash in it !

Check out MeBlogging lovely caftan, at work snapping pictures she also snapped some pics for me which I'm gonna showcase in a seperate post !
thnx alot sweets!

Loved her Charlotte Olympia satin platforms, so HAWT !

And yes she won an invitation for four to  Le Notre, loved her enuthiasim !
Congratulations Meme !

Finally, LenĂ´tre will be giving Bayt Abdullah 10% of the proceeds of their Ramadan 2011 Iftar/Ghabga/Suhoor buffet and platters.
How is that? eating for a good cause !

Thanx Ansam & MMC Kuwait  for your kind invitation , I sure had a blast and had a good time along with MeBloggingFJ Bliss, PinkGirlQ8, Danderma, JustNoon, Dudette, Um3azooz .



  1. The food and presentation is amazing. I'm glad you had a great time and nice post. :)

  2. NewBride:
    Thnx sweety, allah y3afeej :)

  3. Expat & the city:
    It was amazing for sure, thank you for your kind wishes babes :*


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