July 28, 2011

A Farewell ..

To Harry Potter, it's been an amazing series of movies that sure kept us on our toes !
I felt like crying watching the last movie, anyone felt the same?
I thought I'd share some of the pictures I took from my last visit to Orlando Florida, the "The Wizarding World of Harry Potter "

Welcome to Hogsmede !

Many sweet lil' shops, the infamous Honeydukes of course selling assortments of candy bars and sweets.

Funky looking chocolates !

Pretzels coated with yougurt !

The "Owl Post" Selling a variety of Harry Potter theme garments and ofcrouse an actual size broom stick just in case you fancy a fly outta hogmede, that's Colin by the way posing with the broom ! hehe

All kinds of magic sticks you pick one depending on date of birth mine was Hermoine Grainger !
I got one for joy !

Cute lil' note book featuring Hogwarts uniform !

And ofcourse the wanted billboard !
And the best for last, Hogwarts Castle !

You enter the castle and take a tour around the place, you get the feel of the movie as everything looks surreal !
Walking along the corridors of Hogwarts and Dumbldore chamber the end of the tour you take  " The Forbidden Journey" a 3D ride in Hogwarts I got gooebumps all throughout the ride but I loved !

It's beyond an enchanted journey, if you're a no. 1 fan of Harry Potter then I highly advice you to visit the place sometime soon !
I truly felt like a child in a candy store, absorbing and gasping at every detail !
And guess what ? they even serve Butter Beer *non-alchoholic* a sweet chilled drink !
Farewell Harry Potter !

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
Universal Studio's
Orlando, Florida



  1. OMG this is AMAZING! Never knew this place existed!!

  2. Boy did I wanna go there, touched down in miami and missed florida :I


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