July 18, 2011

Easy to Make Dessert

 This is my 10 minutes desserts, moist , rich and tasty !
A friend of mine asked me a while ago how to make it, so I decided to make it for last week gathering and share the pictures with you !
If you're looking for a quick sugar fix, this is your cuppa !

12 Bars of Galaxy
1/2 cup of milk
1  SaraLee Chocolate pound cake
1  SaraLee Vanilla pound cake

Cut the Vanilla pound cake in half, same applies to the Chocolate cake.

      Cut each half into cubes

Chocolate & Vanilla Cake cubes.

Combine in a deep dish, prefferably sumthing microwave safe and heat resistant.

In a saucer  Break Galaxy Chocolate bars into small pieces

Add the 1/2 cup of milk into the chocolate pieces,  stir constantly until mixture is smooth.
If it seems thick you may add more milk according to your own prefrence.

Pour 1/2 of  the chocolate mixture on top of the cake cubes.

Cube the remaining mount of cake, and add to the chocolate & cake mixture.

Pour the remaining chocolate mixture on top of the cake .
You may add marshmallows, rice crispies or  nuts according to your own prefrence but I didn't have it available at the time.

Finally, scoop it into serving bowls and add vanilla icecream on top !

 *Bon Appetit *



  1. "will add some sugary condensed milk to the mixture :P"
    That's what I would do if I am dreaming about it.

  2. Yummy !!! that looks delicious !! Really easy to try !! Thank for sharing my dear !!

  3. Yummmy !!

    Looks so easy to try !!

    Yabeelaah :P

  4. alaah 7aset nfsy ib chocolate bar, well presented :D bil3aifaa


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