July 10, 2011

Chocolate Day

This weekend Zain organized celebrated Chocolate Day for this occasion, Chocolate Bar Spoons was the allocated venue for our meet up !

Had a good time and OD'd on sugar BIG TIME !

Fondue !

Chocolate Goowy Cake, yum !

           Smor's Sundae !


My dark hot chococolat, heaven !
Fun night out with the girls Froyo Nation, The Side Talk, Dudette, PinkGirlq8, Meenakon, Q8Rain & the loveliest Bent Eldeera from My Kitchen so happy to see you and om Hasson :**

White Blazer: Topshop
Lace Dress: Topshop
Brooche: Chanel

Thnx Dudette & Zain Kw for organizing a fun chillaxing event !



  1. You wore white to a chocolate event? Brave!

  2. The chocolate goowy cake looks delicious!

  3. hey i was there did you forgot me :P .. it was really fun meeting all the girls

  4. You are more than welcome dear .. Glad you enjoyed the chocolate and loving the brooch ;)


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